Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i think i'll crawl somewhere dark and warm and hope it ends swiftly..

i'm laying here.. looking at these keys...thinking... what can i type to make things right. what can i type to make things be different... . . . nothing. if i could do it all again, i'd do it differently.

i'd tell you more stories when you asked me to. i'd fight your parents to the bone for you. i'd tell random guys looking at you to take a hike, even if they weren't looking at you.. i'd be less frugal with my money and spoil your ass rotten and fat. i'd spend more time with you... like what the fuck is a day. who says "half a day is all i can do ."WHO THE FUCK!?! i'd be a man, not the boy.

but it's gone. and when i look at these tears thinking where did it all go? i know.. i know i did the right thing in the end. you deserved better then what i had. better then what i got. better then who i am. if you had the slightest chance of meeting someone that could give you all the things i couldn't, then you'd still be better off. because at least you wouldn't have to fail with me.

my life will never be the same. and thats the truth. you walk a different path one not connected to my own. one with virtue, one with importance. this makes me glad. someday i'll tell my son, not about "the one that got away" but "the one i let go" i'll tell him

son when you are my age you will know this to be true. but for now you'll just have to believe me. there is nothing more important then love. not money, not time, not life, not anything in this world. love is the most important thing. so if you love someone remember that. and if someone loves you remember that.

so this new years i've decided to renew an old tradition . being sad and lonely. don't give me your pity... i can live with these consequences. because... no rose will last forever.

Monday, December 29, 2008

new years time crunch

i don't know what to do....

Monday, December 8, 2008

RE-define dope

so i've just made another blogging venture. this ones a bit more self made though. i just asked earl if he wanted to make a blog with me and he just said yea hahaha it didn't take any convincing. anyways the re of re-define stands for ryan and earl. clever right? i know. so if you wanna know whats up whats going down and whatever is sideways come check out the blog

Sunday, December 7, 2008

what came first the movie or the life?

it's funny how life likes to imitates art.

part of me thinks how things are is for the best. if i'm alone i don't have to bring anyone down with me. my failures are my failures.
i'd be lying if i said i did it all for her benefit. but it is better that i'm a loser on my own then a loser with her.

as time draws closer to new years i really feel pinched. there is this japanese saying and i'm not sure if it's a western thing too but basically it goes something like the person you spend new years with is the person you'll be with for the rest of that year. it's gay i know but i'm secretly like the most romantic guy you'll ever meet. so i just eat up stuff like that. and although i've had plenty of opportunities in the back of my mind i keep thinking unless some amazing girl comes in and knocks my socks off i may be in love with her for the rest of my life. and thats kind of a bad thing because if thats the case i don't know what the hell i'm going to do...

if someone wrote a book about my life i think my character would be a cross between holden caulfield, charlie kaufman, and spiderman.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


sometimes i like to think of myself as a sociologist of sorts observing my fellow human beings going about their strange little lives. have you ever gotten on a skytrain and this happened?
everyone is sitting by themselves...

why is this?
i mean sure you want your own seat thats fine and all. but why has is come to this? i realized people are so uptight and cut off from each other. a while back this lady just started talking to me on the skytrain platform. my first reaction was "whats wrong with her??" when in truth she was just trying to be friendly and wanted to chat. whats wrong with me? whats wrong with us all?
it's like as soon as we head out that door we're actually closing off the world. putting those headphones on and filtering out the world and the other people on it with our little distractions. picking up a 24 and browsing the celebrity gossip section. we all just cut apart from each other in our little newspaper cubicles and our earbud symphonies.

when was the last time you stopped to listen to birds. not as a background noise or on tv. but actually just listened.

i talked to this guy at my store and he told me how it didn't used to be like this. in the early 80s and 70s people just said hello to each other. you could actually just meet someone talk and be friends. i mean this kind of thing is incomprehensible by todays standard. but he witnessed it and the other oldie in line confirmed his story. people in vancouver used to be friendly.
but now we just sip our grande americanos and give friendly people dirty looks thinking "whats wrong with this person didn't they get the memo?"

i'm afraid for the world. people are getting so uptight. so when i see stuff like an entire skytrain filled with people sitting by themselves it freaks me out a little.

but thats just my observation and i'm no sociologist just a guy who observes people weirdly.

Monday, November 24, 2008

the cynic


1a person who sees self-interest as the primary motive of human behaviour, and who disincline to rely upon sincerity, human virtue, or altruism as motivations.
-a person who questions wether something will happen or wether it is worthwhile.

oscar wilde said a cynic is "A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing"

so yesterday was my birthday. another year older but not any wiser. this year was really strange and i'll tell you why. it all started about four weeks ago when my sisters started asking for my christmas list.(we do that in my family) when they asked i couldn't think of anything i wanted so i just sort of ignored the question. a week went by, and still i didn't want anything. and this continued right up until yesterday where they threatened me they'd give me nothing for my birthday. and i said "thats fine." not because i'm bitter or stubborn but because i honestly can't think of anything i need or want.

i started to thinking why am i like this? do i really have everything? am i truly that altruistic to void myself of wanting...? NO . then what the hells wrong with me. if people wanna give you free stuff you take it! don't you? i mean presents are free stuff right? maybe this is just another case of me avoiding life. me avoiding birthdays. great next thing you know i'll be looking for ducks at the pond and wearing stupid red hunting hats screw you caulfield i'm not you.. i don't know why i didn't want anything.

i miss love.
what a great feeling.

Monday, November 17, 2008

the truth shall set you free.

it's time to tell the truth. i feel like it's been such a long time since i was honest with myself. i know who reads this and i have no problems sharing whats on my mind, frankly i don't care about putting my personal insights for others to read. i've been quite open with my whole process. to me it's odd that you read this janice. i knew you've been reading for a long time now even before we broke up. and in a way i resent that. i try to make one place where i can talk about my life without any weight of judgement on me from you. i don't involve myself in your life by choice. i don't even look at your facebook... i don't have any part in your life and thats fine by me, all that matters to me is that you're happy and safe. knowing those two things i don't care about anything else.

in the past month i've given a lot of thought to my life and many of my circumstance. my job, i hate. my school, i don't go to. my girlfriend, i broke up with. my conclusion is... i'm avoiding everything. i hate my job, it's so damn boring. i know all i have to do is quit and find a new job but i feel so discouraged when no one hires me.. it seems like everyday i tell myself to just apply to school. maybe i'm just lazy i think subconsciously i'm just avoiding complicating my life.

i ask myself everyday why things are the way they are. and to be honest i don't know or just don't remember. is it that i'm stubborn? all i can remember is getting yelled at first for telling someone stuff about you whom by the way i don't talk to and never told anything to..?!? and second for being weird. God i wish girls came with an instruction manual. what chain of events lead to this avoidance? it's been so long i don't even remember. who really is being the bigger person here? can either of us actually claim such a title? i think that all this internet jibber jabber is just that jibber jabber. when one of us swallows our pride picks up a phone and dials the others number then we will know who the bigger person really is. until then you can't really claim to be the bigger person. i know i'm not. look at me, resorting to this. man i wish guys didn't have to be the bigger person. . .

girls are messed up i hope my son turns out gay so i don't have to hear about all this junk.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

can't see em coming down my eyes, so i gotta make this post cry.

i understood when they wouldn't hire me. i understood when they didn't accept me. i understood when we had to break up.
but when they talked trash right to my face. i changed. i can't understand why. i'm sick of people walking all over me.
i decided that day no one will ever put their feet on me again. no one will ever take me for granted again.
bboying has always been my drive but i had no idea it would make me change like this.

i mean you back into a corner your whole life.. there comes a point where enoughs enough. something snaps something changes. i'm not letting people push me aside anymore.

"i'm not afraid of dying, i'm afraid of not trying"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"you need to get raw."

something kyle told me. kyle is a weird accent fobby korean kid. but the dudes got maaaaaaaad heart . in a cypher hes not afraid of anybody. hes a good bboy and surprisingly a good friend too.

after bboying for a week i come to a wall. my productivity has come to a halt. i've been doing a lot of traveling practise something that i feel is very important to every bboy. you can't only be good on your own turf . anyways, back on topic i recently discovered a new level to push myself to. i need to stop limiting myself by what my logic tells me and just be raw with it. just step into the circle and take my confidence back. i think i haven't been raw in a long time. and it's time i take it back. otherwise why should i put so much time and energy, blood sweat and tears into this.

a man cannot live without passion. if you have no passion you need to check your pulse.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

summer breeze all in my mind.

ipod i love you. in these days when i feel one price check away from meltdown. my music and my bboying are saving my sanity.
i'm counting the days until my parents get sick of my bs and bitch slap me for free loading.
they have great patience.

but to the point recently my life has been all about avoidance and a lack of balls could be the cause of this.
life throws me one little speed bump and i wimp out completely. i can't keep living in this bubble. if i don't live my life i'll be full of regrets . these are weird old feelings i kinda think it has something to do with being a young single guy again.
girls.. those mythical elusive creatures.

it's time to start planning for the hoko trip and get back to my blogging duties skitch and via well mostly skitch is counting on me!

ugh stupid uncle ben and his advice with the damn great power comes greater responsibility rant uaihfgnkdjafbn&(*!&Y#UIhnjke!^$%#^&*%%#&^*^

Monday, November 3, 2008

stuff i think about:

why is p.diddy such an evil bastard?
why does a 24/7 store need locks?
if blue is the new black who the hell said black was so good?
what is that weird little black dot that i see floating around when i close my eye?
whats the point of flava flave?
will t payne ever not use a vocoder?
why do people complain about plastic bags when every single thing you buy is packaged in either styrofoam cardboard or plastic?
why not buy in baulk you hypocrites no just hipos.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

blogging hiatus .

i wish i could say i was out of town or off on some crazy adventure. but that would be a lie. the truth is i'm just here.
doing a whole lot of nothing. brooding or wallowing maybe a hybrid of both hybrids are cool these days .
it's not that i forgot i have a duty to write here. i've just been avoiding everyone and everything. i've even been away from facebook for the most part. have you ever watched a movie and have been like "wtf thats me.."
i have that exact experience every time i watch adaptation.
for those that haven't seen it adaptation is a movie written by charlie kaufman the same guy that wrote eternal sunshine of a spotless mind and being john malkovich. anyway adaptation is weird movie about charlie kaufman and his fictional twin brother. the whole movie is fictional but to what extent no one really knows charlie kaufman is a very private person despite being one of the most powerful people in hollywood. i'd feel a bit awkward describing the whole movie since i already said it reminds me of me. but i will link you if you wanna watch it.

life is odd sometimes. so hard to explain and understand . i feel like we are so insignificant that we can't see the big picture. like how a fish can never see the ocean. the fish lives and dies in the ocean but will never be able to appreciate the vastness and beauty of it all a fish won't be able to sit at english bay and watch the sun melt into the horizon. is it a good thing they don't know or is it a bad thing? always asking of life whats out there.

sorry to take you on this odd journey of self consciousness. i don't mean to bore you i've just been on this whole what am i worth binge . birthday is coming up and i have no idea what the point is.

well i'm off to the job i hate and the customers i hate even more. peace out peeps.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

unmotivated bastard.

stuck in a crazy rut. all i do is stay at home eat sleep read. then when i go to work i'm like dang... i gotta find a new job this sucks balls. i think it's time to break free from this endless cycle. my life has never been so boring oh mai gaaad!

a few ideas i have to break free are:
-go bike camping. just buy some food and supplies and disapear for a week.
-house sit for my sister. and stay in seattle for like 5 days ride my bike around town.
-smash some skulls and get a better job.

thats pretty much it. i just feel like a lazy slow guy. the only thing i've sorta been staying on top of is my bboying. i got some crazy secret weapons now muhahahaahaha

and now to fill space a photo i took a while ago

so since the majority of you are secret stalkers and lazy asses i'll make this easier for you>>>>

Friday, October 10, 2008

bob k? BOB K!!!

did the whole world except me know that bob kronbauer was some sort of genius/big deal?
i new he ran vancouver is awesome but i just thought he was some sort of regular dude... but no! after reading this article i now know his true identity ! ! ! whats weirder still is bob runs crownfarmer ... so when i met him i didn't even know i owned one of his shirts. whats next? am i going to find out my neighbor is futura?

my only fear now is that bob will rise up and smite me for not recognize'n

oh by the way the pole on my new sidebar closed and the verdict was: it stays . 4 votes vs 2
i have a new pole though so if you got like 3 seconds just click one...>>>>>
( this one has been bugging me )

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


UUUUUGHHH .. i generally hate being sick. i'm the kind of guy that will brake his arm get up shrug it off and go back to work. but when i get sick totally wimp out lay in bed in a dark room and pray for a swift and painless death to avoid prolonging the torture. i hate catching colds flus virus whatever i hate them. i can deal with pain, but i can't deal with my body crapping out on me.
so for the past like three days i've been laying here watching the sun go up and down. bored out of my mind hungry for bike smashing and bboying and hill bombing . thats why i haven't been blogging much facebook stalking yes blogging no.

but today is a new day and i'm starting to feel fresh again. shtoooooops. with all my downtime all i've been doing is watch bmx videos and stoner movies .

these three were my favorites:
the sickest curved wall ride ... i didn't even know that was physically possiblemike saavedra

ian web watch for the ending fakie under a bar down a set...ian web

this one made me blow food out my face... insane..

i think maybe this guy just doesn't even know how to go small..

and another thing CAT LOVING HATER i know you're still stalking my blog.. always checking the lost cat poster post. so i  don't know what your problem is but you gotta understand that cat was long gone those posters have been up for like 6 + months i thought about it then put that sticker up. it's just trash pinned to a telephone poll...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SKITCH blog vancouver reporting for duty

i got a call from toronto today. it was my hommie tom!! damn i miss that guy..
we talked about riding, and our hoods, new tricks etc etc. . so basically he was calling to check up on the scene and my riding, and to offer me a writing spot for skitchblog.

skitch is a vancouver based track bike clothing line. co-run/produced/designed by my buddy tom.
they make some dope t shirts!! did i mention tom is a rad rider as well. he taught me a lot of the tricks i know, and inspired many others. but anyways toms a nice dude and thats far too many toms for this paragraph already. i'll be updating that blog for upcoming fixed gear events ie. races, trick competitions or maybe even just bike related dopeness. and in return(even though i'd do it for free but don't tell tom that) i get free new skitch shirts. dope...................
i had hopes of getting those shirts through my riding abilities not my blogging. but hey i'll take what i can get. someday i'll be a part of the skitch riders but for that i gotta hit the labs and bash my bike. so i'm out the door friends off doing wheelies into the sunset.

UPDATE: my first post is up click on the above picture if you wanna check it out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

making the MONEY$

so my friend louis got me to thinking about building bikes again. long story short he poked and prodded me until i decided to build another bike but this time to sell. so among my upcoming projects i will be building a new bike!
not too sure what kind or what size or anything yet. i just know i'll be investing about 300 into building a fixed gear bike.
some of you may know my previous bike the black one. i built on a slim budget of 200 dollars, then sold it for 380.
i'm not sure if i'll be able to make a profit off of this thing but i enjoy wrenching on bikes anyways so i mine as well make some extra money.

see the problem for me is it's hard to build a bike knowing i'll be selling it. often living paycheck to paycheck already. to invest such a large portion of my earnings with no guarantee of profit is a hard thing to do. but i won't know if i can do it until i try right? i have plans of like making a line of bikes and putting my stamp of approval on each one.

and in any case building bikes is a learning experience in itself so i never turn down an offer to build or repair a bike.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

materialism on thursday

lately i've been craving a few things . but when i say lately i mean today pretty much. for those that know me know i'm not actually too materialistic(for those that think they know me this will come as a surprise) yea i'm not actually materialistic in that all that i have i wouldn't care if it was gone tomorrow. because i know none of it belongs to me . everything my shoes my clothes my toys my bikes my tech all my money. all of it. if it were gone tomorrow i'd understand. because it's not mine to begin with. and when you leave this world you can't take it with you, you just turn to dust. it's not a new mentality i've had this mindset for about the last 5 years of my life.

getting that out of the way i'm not gonna lie and say i don't like nice things i just don't let them take influence over my life .
there are a few things i want for the winter that would make my life a whole lot easier. one would be these babies
air max 90 boots so i can slosh around in snow in style and not have to get somewhere change out of my big ugly snow boots into my sneakers.

i think thats all i'll put up for today so i don't seem like too much of a sneaker freak.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

how to make a fish eye on the cheap

have you ever longed to take pictures with a fish eye lense? haha
some of you may not know what a fish eye picture even looks like .
well for those that do and always wanted one or wanted to have a camera that was capable.

look no further. i'm gonna tell you how i built my own fish eye and wide angle lenses for 20 bucks and 7 bucks. no you don't even need a dslr just some handy hands and some ingenuity .

-some pvc pipe
-some foam sheet
-spray adhesive
-tape (electrical preferably)
-peep hole like the ones used for doors you can find these at the hardwear store for about 6 bucks.

just remember
160 degree=wide angle(which is better in my opinion)
and 200 degree= fish eye lense

so once all these things are aquired; take the stupid sleeve thing off the peep hole( unscrew it) next cut your piece of foam sheet to a small strip long enough to rap around the peep hole but short enough that it doesn't go beyond the end.

spray both the peep hole and the foam sheet on both sides, then rap the foam around the peep hole. this process may need to be repeat according to your pvc pipe width.

once it is the correct size(snug enough to fit into the pipe without falling out)
insert it into the pipe.
next tape the outer rim of the peep hole so it stays inside the pipe. lastly apply either tape or foam to the adjacent end of the pipe so your camera can snug into the other end.

once it fits onto your camera your gonna have to zoom in a bit but you won't need to go beyond the optical zoom . this is the end result


some pictures i took today no tricks this is what the pictures look like through a 7 megapixel regular digital camera.

photo credit brian

it takes a while to get your pictures right . and also the effect varies from camera to camera. some better then others. so don't go blaming me when your pictures look like fuzz through a tube.

why is it that EVERYONE comes here yet NO ONE comments on it.
my other works here :

Monday, September 22, 2008

of human interactions no take backs.

girls are so difficult. it feels so hard to be a guy.
you know lots of girls complain about how some creep bugged them about phone numbers or msn or facebook or whatever. it's always the guy messing up! "oh he came on too strong" or "why didn't he say anything?" or " did he really just say that?"

but heres the reality check. it's the guy that has to do the approaching not the girl. it's the guy that has to initiate conversation.
and girls wonder why guys mess it up or have cheesy pick up lines. but if you flipped sides and suddenly the social norm was that females had to do the approaching things would be just as awkward.

i think there is credit deserved for an honest guy to just man up the courage to talk to a girl. sure you may say you'd rather most guys just didn't approach you at all.. but then what. are you gonna get frustrated when you send the guy you like mad love signals and he does nothing, YEA. the truth is yea a guy is gonna fumble a lot if hes an honest regular guy whos got a crush or whatever. and girls complain? let's see you do it!

i feel like a teenage girl talking about this stuff but i gotta get it off my chest cause it's bugging the hell outa me.

girls complain about guys hitting on them . dude.. i wish girls hit on me. it's so easy ! most girls keep it secret who they like. but guys are stupid and we got this social norm where we do the initiation. so if a guy likes you you know about it. but damn it girls keep you in the dark until the last second!

sigh. now i REALLY feel like a teenage girl.

i don't know why but i feel so trapped in by everything. i can't really spread my wings. how does this crazy world work anyways?? being single sucks. i almost feel it would have been easier to just have a messy ugly break up and never talk again. things wouldn't be as complicated with friendships and social life. i feel tied down by the past. when i should be free.
when will i be able to like someone again? will i be able to like someone.. i find it hard. i guess when you're in a relationship for a long time you build up a image of someone. then when you're not with them everyone else sorta pales by comparison
but this is life, and this is relationships.
i've been thinking about this stuff a lot.
i think i need more bro time too much time alone. should play video games or do light drawings lol.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


i need a new job i really don't want to show up at london drugs anymore. . .
i don't wanna be one of those people that worked there since they were 15. and they're 30!!!
so here it goes. i'm gonna apply at a few more places but. these three are my primary targets.
one: mavi new location
two: not super champion but some decent bike store (that one may be a long shot)
three: bike messenger chris spotted this add

Friday, September 19, 2008


what time is it? why it's ...

i gotta get a new job! working at london drugs is so soul crushing. i mean you gotta work in retail while you're still young and beautiful hahahaha i kid of course. i don't have a big head full of myself. but i do have aspirations of greater things then price checks and carry outs. i had a job interview at london drugs brentwood and that was kinda lame. to be honest i don't want to work at any london drugs none the less the one closer to my house. i only went out of obligation. anthony gave me a talkin to about how to get the job at mavi. and i do understand what i need to do. anyway, aside from that stuff tonight i went on a little ride with the burnabeast crew whut! and i put some stickers up in some clever locations . i find it quite fun to think of new and creative places and ways to put up stickers. expect great things from me.

hey eddie you got something on your face...
sorry cat this is just too funny
drive with caution booooooom up ahead
my personal favorite "dogs allowed"

by the way by showing these pictures it doesn't in anyway mean i put them there. i can just appreciate the skill and thought that has been put into their placement.

i really need to start sleeping earlier then 1 am

Monday, September 15, 2008


to me it's pretty funny when people ask me if i watch anime or read manga because i'm japanese.
i also find the average person thats all intense on my culture taking japanese lessons and learning their rudimentary japanese to be funny. like those hongers in my old japanese class. i mean yea i'm flattered you have love for my culture. but hell i have love for other cultures you don't see me going and bumb rushing french people! or black people! i also find it funny when people find out i'm japanese they ask me what i eat at home... like what are you expecting me to say?? "let's see well mondays i eat sushi, tuesdays is ramen night, wednesdays bento, then thursday is tempura.... "

gimme a break. i do however have a mutual respect for someone who actually knows stuff. like a while ago when i met this dude on the bus, and we talked about internment camps and japanese refugees.

so what am i getting to?? oh thats right once in a while i do eat a good home cooked japanese meal and it's neither normal nor impressive to me, to me it's just dinner. so quit your jibber jabber!
tonight i made real yaki soba if you want my recipe it's gonna cost ya.

and another thing i think that i will be taking a little break from blogging so here are a bunch of my recent favorite videos you would do well to watch them all!!!!!!! or else...


i like how in the middle the guys just start macking on random girls watching. something like that would never happen here.
you'd be like "heyyy" the girls would be like " like... ew!"

Hamakin - Yokohama Friday from hc100 on Vimeo.

i love these guys i wanna ride with them so bad.

sigh i think i was meant to be born in japan...

DAY OUT WITH THE OSAKA CREW from hc100 on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

liveblock party explosion!

there wasn't an explosion at the block party. but!!!! it was super fun! i had a lot of fun riding down there with a motley crew consisting of jay, anthony, and slowpoke(karina) we go there so early like around 12:45 when it starts at 1. so i got a chance to see/hear some cool stuff. got to hear keys n krates doing a rehearsal. i hope they have a cd cause that sound is so fresh!! i just keep watching their youtube videos.
listen to them they're iLL!!!

anyway yea i got my free tshirt from livestock. i was gonna try looking for gman cause he said on via that he'd have one for me but yea didn't even have to ask. i just walked into livestock looked at their new stuff and the guy that always helps me when i go there just came out with a tshirt that was my size and was like "hey did you get one yet?"

i put stickers everywhere. i ran into bob k again he was glad to see me wearing his hat. he told me it's from italy, bonus!

i enjoyed cyphering with my hommies. but i pretty much wussed out when colin and hakai and rory came. too intense for me.
so i decided to just leave. but on my way i spot these cars rolling down the street and they pull into the parking lot.

i asked this guy if i could take his picture with his car he obliged

anyway there is too much to blog about and my mind is getting hazy it was bad enough putting all those photos on facebook..

Friday, September 12, 2008

sticker time muhahaha

so jeff gave me a bunch of stickers for his website
me being a sticker whore of a moderate to extreme level received them with great honor and responsibility. stickers are not just meant for sticker fights and putting on your entire body and pretending they're clothes. sticker placement is an art form unto itself. anyway i was glad to know they're the sort of water proof ones not the crappy paper ones that disintegrate. i stuck a few stickers here and there already

just ask me if you want some i took a fair size stack. i'm sure brian will want a bunch(don't worry brian you can have as many as you're little asian hands can carry.
i have a feeling this will be here for quite some time it's pretty hard to detect and if you see that sign in person you'll say how the heck did he get it up there?
by the way by showing these pictures it doesn't in anyway mean i put them there. i can just appreciate the skill and thought that has been put into their placement.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

chillin time

been taking a few days off of everything to just chill. it' kinda nice but i kind of feel guilty at the same time for relaxing so much. i think it's cause everyone else is either in school or working, but i'm just laying around reading books playing video games and facebook creeping. well despite this guilt of just laying around the past week has been alright. i do feel a bit unfulfilled lifewise.
i need a new adventure! like a new job or a trip or school or the army . anything! i just need adventure. life is so boring not taking any chances. like pastor darryl always used to say: if you're not living on the edge you're taking up to much space.

just to make this post even more confusing and multi themed heres the book i'm reading .
it's a good book. i like the whole "endless adventure" sorta feel. it's a bit like lord of the rings with the dwarfs and elves and mystical creatures with a bit of harry potter coming of age adventure thrown in.

the other day i bought the sequel "Eldest" the other day cause i'm almost done eragon. perfect timing cause when i finish eldest the third book is coming out on the 20th!! called brisingr. i feel a bit like a little goober for reading these but hey i've seen grown ups read harry potter! so stop judging me!

Monday, September 8, 2008

orange julius of my life.

i don't know about you but i got mad love for orange julius. i don't care how many calories or what. i just drink that stuff by the gallons. today i just wondered around the city . downtown, main street, gastown, sunrise i was all over the place. soaking in that fine sunshine . anyway today i came to the sudden conclusion that i don't like to blog unless i have something phenomenal . but thats stupid. thats just like adrian lol. i want to document everything not just the good but the bad as well. not some but all of life. so i don't care if you don't like orange julius . i like it! and i'm going to document it . and hey if a reader can relate to my love for the OJ then all the better but blogging shouldn't be for the readers all the time. it should be for you too. so don't be afraid of writing a straight post of "hate hatehate hatehate hatehate hatehate hate..." or whatever. nobody wants to read some site just about clothes and pictures and stuff we want the nitty gritty ! so hell yea check me drinking orange julius pina colada lol

mmmmmmm livin large folks thats what 10.29 an hour gets you.
that cup is as big as my face...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

check one two..

things are going swimmingly. it feels like things are going in the right direction. for a while there i was feeling like the sky was falling but i'm okay now. no i'm better then okay!! emo ryan has receded back into the depths of my brain. writing for via is really fulfilling actually. i mean i knew it would be cool but today when i finally saw my face and name under the 'about us' section on the website it gave me a great feeling of accomplishment . sometimes i wonder wether bob k is actually a pay it forward genius. and that he just let me write on via not because i got chops, but because he knew it'd make me exceedingly happy. hahahaha i know it's probably not a big deal to anyone or bob that he let me write for his blog thing but to an avid reader and sorta fan it feels like a new status. but anyways i said emo ryan was gone so i'll stop being so gay.

the icf summer camp was really fun. i forgot how relieving summer camp can be . it's like a vacation on a much smaller budget . relaxing in the hot tub and swimming in the pool and enjoying the scenery was dope summer camp is dope. RELIGIOUS ALERT!
and it was really refreshing to see a church that walked so closely with God. i mean i believe that when a church as a whole works to together to glorify God like that, the holy spirit actually can move around and stretch his arms a bit. you wouldn't believe the stuff i experienced. but now i'm starting to bore the secular folk . ..

so anyways life is back on track i still have a few things i need to do before i feel super great but i am confident things will work out .

ps. my next via post coming soon !!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


first post for via is up go check it out!

Friday, August 29, 2008

ear piercing gong show

(by the way my temporary new favorite word is gong show.)

so tonight i tried to put my earring back in and lo and behold my piercing had closed up.
i thought meh i'll just put the needle through again easy peasy.
NOPE! most frustrating and painful 30 minutes of my life.
i did get the job done but not without some mental trauma and about three holes in my ear lobe..

i'm mad! hulk smash!
the aftermath.. the garbage can will puzzle both my parents as to how i could possibly be menstruating.
i covered the gore for sake of the readers
at one point blood was streaming from my ear and all i could say to myself in the mirror was "well this can't be a good thing."

props to anyone who has had to do this. i put it up there along side kick to the balls and punch to the face.

i'm still waiting for the go ahead from via so be patient! i do have a lil somethin somethin ready and i like it a lot it's a pretty obvious one to anyone who lives here though.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

free stuff .

so today after work i followed my regular routine: wash hands, get some food, then check my email and blog stuff. so as i was surfing through i spot this entry about free stuff!!
(anyone who knows my craigslisting tendencies knows how much of a sucker i am for free stuff. especially stuff too good to pass up.) i quickly post a comment and next thing i know i'm talking to bob k in person at his place. totally nice dude living up to the awesomeness. one thing though he was pretty hyped on getting rid of his stuff to the point of sketch lol. but still a good dude.

the drive over
my dads singing to weezer
and the pile crap i am the proud owner of! if you want something just ask i got a lot to go around :S

again here's the post

oh and i told him my plots to do hood wars posts for fun on here and he asked me to go ahead an do it on via.
so i guess i'm a vancouver is awesome writer woohoo!!! dreams do come true! lol

Sunday, August 10, 2008

FREE WINDRUNNERS free corprate branding...

i know a few people that would kill for some free windrunner action

Nike Windrunner Ride L.A. from Veesh on Vimeo.

but this is clearly a blatant attempt at branding all the L.A scenesters . so i don't care for this at all this ones for you brian.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i thought this was a cool idea. so i'll be taking part for fun of course. due to the fact that north burnaby is not in vancouver obviously . and i don't post for via.

HOOD WARS is a challenge to our contributors(of vancouver is awesome) to tell us what makes their neighborhood the most awesomest, and the rules are (as always) quite simple:

stay tuned for my reasons why NORTH BURN RADNESS!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


so lazy right now. for the past two days straight i haven't worked or done anything besides play video games and ride my bike. this is me enjoying summer: wake up eat cereal drink a v8 and play video games, then followed by an afternoon shower. shower is either followed by a bike ride and trick sesh or more video games. then a late'ish afternoon nap around 4:30 . wake up at 5 or 6 snack then either ride my bike or watch tv then dinner at 7. i can honestly say this is the life. alas lazy days cannot go on forever.
the real world beckons.

it's time to get the gears grinding and the wheel spinning. i have a lot of work in the upcoming week, 6 days in fact.
besides work i need to get a few chores done. so i'll try to get back to my true "note booking" form and write down all my to-do's.
and to keep me accountable here is a short list of things i need to get done soon:

- clean room (before chuudoo gets back!)
- finish application
- finish bike
- owe brian $15
- jono's summer camp $150
- find new job
- sell stuff on craig
- garage sale?
- recycle bike parts to ocb
- prepare fish tank for fish!
- save $200 a month for hoko trip
- finish my books then buy more books for winter.

[ an X indicates completion ]

Saturday, August 2, 2008

don't be stupid wear a helmet.

i keep stressing how important it is to wear a helmet. and it's stresses me out how little importance people put on this.
heres something that'll get your wallets out for the foam domes
girls head run over!

"A schoolgirl whose head was run over by a car miraculously walked away from the accident with only cuts and bruises.
Savannah Haworth was riding home after passing her cycling proficiency test when she lost her balance and fell into the path of a car.

The vehicle ran over her arm, shoulder and head but, amazingly, the 11-year-old escaped with just cuts and bruises."

stolen from zlog

may i remind you of the alternative.


but as long as you don't mind by all means go ahead.