Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my needs met?

i've always been a big predicator of the idea that your geographic position is not a factor of your mindset. i mean people are people no matter where they are... there is no reason you should act a certain way depending on where you plant your seeds. maybe it's just me but i've realized so many females in vancouver are wack with poo brain.. frankly i can not get my needs met by these women. maybe you are a woman and you are reading this and you're thinking "wtf is he talking about?!" but that just goes to prove you are in fact "one of them" your typical vancouver-girl .

if someone is born blind and you don't tell them they're blind. they'll just think they're normal.

let me tell you what i'm looking for and tell me if this is a common type of girl here.

looking for... . . . . .

young intelligent open minded attractive female.

a thoughtful thinker with understanding and compassionate mind.

NOT picky about race, eye colour, hair colour (although do have slight favouring for either asian [of any variety] or mediterranean brunette beauty. also a huge fan of freckles)

must be dog person, brownie points for dog and bird person.

MUST enjoy outdoors. regardless of weather conditions!

MUST be able to climb trees.

CANNOT be picky eater.

MUST LOVE movies!!!!!

active and perhaps semi athletic are a plus.

preferably someone who likes:
-wes anderson movies
-miles davis
-j dilla
-al green
-marvin gaye
-sam cooke
-big bowls of salad
-jd salinger
-cormac mc carthy
-midnight bike rides
-tribe called quest
-jean michel basquiat
-new york
-the taste of purple fruit loops
-big L
-and star gazing for hours.


now it wouldn't be fair of me if i stated a bunch of demands and didn't list a few of my positive (and negative) qualities. . .
i think no matter what i write this will come off as narcissistic... so i won't even put on the vail of disillusion.. sometimes i can be a narcissist /: however that is very rare. as i'm far too shy and introverted for that.

i'm a highly self conscious and am a perfectionist. critical thinking is probably my biggest asset and weakness.. as i will constantly over think a situation like "should i kiss her.. what if my breath stinks. what if she just wants to be friends. what if she slaps me! what if it grosses her out what if what if what if!!!!!" when it should just be "lean in and kiss her ya dummy..."

i am kind of intuitive.

i eat healthy . live healthy. ride a bike( but i can drive...) i love nature. i love interacting with nature. i am an expert tree climber. i can swim faster than the average human as i was a competitive swimmer for 15 years. there is a bag full of speedos somewhere to prove it.

it goes without saying that i am athletic and will always be athletic.

i enjoy exercising my brain as well. not academically speaking though. i spend much of my spare time reading and thinking about life's egocentricities. i think a lot of douche bags say that.. but i actually do read and i do enjoy critical thinking. i can tell you the last five books i've read and the days i started and finished them. . .

i have a very distinct taste in films. i'm highly knowledgable in the realm of film history.

adventure is key.
adventure is key in my life. life is for living and i take the idea of carpe diem to heart. fortune favours the bold.
i like riding my bike til i'm lost then finding my way home.
or just going until i can't go anymore.
swimming in lakes rivers oceans, trespassing into people's pools.
sucker for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. starry nights and autumn leaves. rain puddles to splash the shit out of.

i am also loyal, open minded, free spirited, and opinionated. blah blah blah. why are you still reading this..

let me know if you've got someone that fits the bill. because i've about had it with this city.