Thursday, February 28, 2008

sometimes life can throw us curve balls. unexpected, unprovoked, and unwanted.
and everyone has their source for answers. some ask God to give them answers, some ask themselves for answers, and some even ask other people for answers. but let me tell you something, if someone had all the answers they'd be God, and if someone had all the answers and they were God?... then why not just ask God in the first place. thats my thought process anyway.

but right now I'm drawing a blank. nobody has the answer to this question right now. not God not me not anyone.

what do you then? when you have a problem a deep wound that won't stop bleeding no matter what.
some would give up, go crazy and let go. but others (and this is something i've based my life around) others get going when the going gets tough. like in the warriors that cult classic. you know "warriors come out to playeyay*clank-clank-clank*". in the movie there is this scene where they're all running from the baseball furys in the park. then all of a sudden one of the guys stumbles or something and he can't run anymore. and he says i can't run anymore. then ajax the gang's hot head says "GOOD CAUSE I'M TIRED OF RUNNING!" and puts up his fists. this is the kind of mentality i look up to. strength, determination, and a stubbornness to quit.

even so this still does not answer this aching question in my heart. what to do?

in life i've noticed a few things. when people have big problems they can let them fester and grow and soon take over their life and attitude. OR they can say "I'm tired of running" and can confront their fear/pain/loss/failure head on. when life pitches us a curve ball i say swing away. cause our lives should not be dictated by our fears/pains/losses/failures. instead it should be our resilience. to say NO every time to that voice inside that says "oh just give up".

i know it won't be easy for him. but he's gotta stop running sometime and when he does i plan to be there for him.
take care and God bless, terence.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

brian's bike day 1

i got this bike off a buddy of mine. it's the perfect size for brian i think. and it was free!!!!! there were some sick parts that came with it. like the seat is real suede. and the cranks are sugino racing cranks. so dope! i'll barely have to spend a cent on this bike.

basically after i got home i just tore into this thing. pretty good progress if you ask me



and these are what remains of a once vintage miele road bike

Monday, February 25, 2008

sunny weather = cha ching!!!!!!!$$$$$$!

this batch of good weather we're having is freaking money! i thought i rode a lot before! i'd ride do to the kitchen to pick up a snack if my house was bigger. i guess riding all those lame ass rainy days makes me really appreciate this blessing. i wake up to sun beaming in my face, and i'm just like aww yeeeeeeeeuh. riding my bike makes my day. i can't wait to start building all these great bikes!!!!!! my next machine will be a beast.. here are some conceptual bikes for the unveiling

Picture 1

earls bike very earl'esque colourway designed and conceptualized by earl
Picture 2

brian's bike1?
Picture 3

brian's bike2.. slight alterations
Picture 4

Saturday, February 23, 2008

cell phone hell phone?

i got a cell phone today. it is still yet to be answered wether it is a blessing or a curse.

because for me a cell phone is to me, as facebook is to ronsolo(inside joke).
by finally giving in to getting a cell phone i give in to crazed friends trying to reach me and tell me where to go and how to get there and why i should go and and and... i'm just scared that now that i have a cell phone it will dictate my whole life. as opposed to before when someone needed me i'd be off in la la land. my excuse? i don't have a cell phone suckas. but now...
too bad so sad i cry. now if someone needs me i have no excuse to listen to their beckon call(no pun intended).

i came to the sudden realization that i would not survive this next summer without one.(at least my social life wouldn't)
thats probably the only reason i decided to get it. other then that i'm deadly afraid of this conformity. i do not welcome this cell phone. instead i poke and prod it curiously. wondering when will it transform to it's true form; a black slimy monster that consumes me through my ear.

maybe i'm just exaggerating . we will see..

Friday, February 22, 2008

sneaker pimps vancouver

sneaker pimps was so much fun!!! the cool shoes, live performances, live artist installations. all for only 15$ which i didn't even have to pay for since janice bought my ticket as a valentines day gift. last night was sooo fun for me. for those that don't know sneaker pimps is a sort of traveling sneaker show. where collectors and sneaker customizers show off their shoes. basically it got to the point where so many people were going just to see the sneakers that artists and musicians began asking if they could perform at the show. in last nights case biz markie, rico uno, and hedspin. with artist virus, stash and futura. theres too much to tell about last night. so i'll just put up these photos .



n727120000_2329187_2468 shook his hand suckas!!!!! muhahahahaha

no idea what these are but they're dope!




this ones for jay


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sweet freedom day:3

sleeping in the bathtub has taught me a few valuable lessons. one, bathroom is a creepy place to sleep. as i turned off the lights to sleep i suddenly remembered all the stories of bloody marry and the bathroom mirror. two, a bathtub is made for bathing, not sleeping. i woke up curled in the fetal position and decided i'd be better off just sleeping on the bathroom floor. one advantage of sleeping in the bathroom is as soon as you wake up you can take your morning leak right away(not sure if girls have this ritual).
but anyway for day three i slept in my mom's room. my only surprise was that her room is a lot more quiet and has a wicked view. apart from that it was no bathtub.

I'm starting to really feel the repercussions of not having someone else around. making food for myself is a real pain. i eat at the weirdest times. and i have the distinct feeling that if i lived by myself i'd be a fat albert.

anyhow i got this dvd called bootleg sessions

fixed gear riding feels like a fad sometimes just cause of how many other people are suddenly getting into it. but on the other hand people said the same thing about bboying and at the time they had no idea it was just the beginning. i feel the same way about fixed gear bikes. this is just the beginning, the guys that are good now are just unlocking the tip of potential. we're on something big. thats not just a movement it's an entire culture.

i mean there is something very cool about being at the forefront of something new and fresh thats not totally mapped out. anyway i guess some people are afraid to be labeled as fad'sters. i'm not i know this is just the beginning

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sweet freedom day:2

day 2 of being home alone and not much has happened. today i went to practice at the school's studio. rode straight home afterwards. watched some tv, made my dinner i made udon with a ginger chicken stock soup and zucchini tempura. i guess my food has been the only extravagant change aside from sleeping in strange places which by the way reminds me the living room was same'ol'same'ol. got sufficient sleep and it was pretty comfy nothing new and exciting so for day 2 i'm sleeping in the bathtub.

wish me luck. ugh just remembered i have to take the garbage out. sighh.. i miss them already.

Monday, February 18, 2008

sweet freedom

sweet freedom day:1

so both my parentals are gone. my dad off in whistler teaching till june, my mom in seatle till thursday for her birthday.
me home alone. my mommy left this morning and i woke up to say good bye. then the whole house was mine muahahahahahahaha! i ate leftovers for breakfast and watched tv and just chilled. anyway i decided to sleep in every room of the house until my mom comes back. day 1 living room.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

the day my life got flip turned upside down..

Friday, February 15, 2008

i met a pretty cool guy on the bus the other day. his name was mike, apparently he works at this japanese community centre downtown. mostly he just drives the old people around and hangs out with them. mike is caucasian by the way. anyways, he was telling me how during the war his granpa was the mayor of Greenwood, a small internment camp town in interior BC. and how japanese people who went back to japan would write his granpa letters about how they felt like strangers in their own country. and asking for certain supplies, needle, thread, sugar etc.

we had an interesting little chat. i knew he was genuine just by the passion he showed. he gave me a lot of respect just for being second generation japanese canadian. which is refreshing instead of some numnuts who watches anime all day, or some goob who listens to japanese pop music but doesn't understand a single word giving me respect for dumb reasons.

he was like night and day compared to the dick head italian who lives down the block. that called me and my dad f-ing chinks. my dad told him the craziest come back... i don't even know why... he was just like "if you've been here for that many generations why are you so stupid?"

anyway valentines day was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! i'm just glad to make janice happy :) just making her smile makes me all warm and rainbowy inside.

ps.if anyone finds a photo booth photo of me and my girlfriend please return it to me ... stupid shallow pockets. stupid long photo...

Friday, February 8, 2008

the life of pi

Life of Pi (illustrated)

i just finished reading this book "the life of pi" by yann martel,
and maybe i'm easy to please but i gotta say it is easily one of my favorite books ever.
i have the illustrated version by Tomislav Torjanac which is no doubt an added bonus.

here are just a few of the illustrations:

the book to those of you who haven't read it, is a book about a young east indian boy's adventure of survival on a lifeboat with a zebra, a orangutan, a hayena, and a 450 pound bengal tiger.

the story is probably more geared towards males. and if you get the illustrated version you might feel a little immature. but let me assure you this book is no let down. whatever, i can't make you read it but i have a copy just lying around if you wanna take a stab.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

risky business
risky business

so for the past few days i've been playing a lot of risk for some reason? people just attack me on the streets with three red dice!! and i'm forced to defend myself by rolling double 6s. the funny thing is i've been winning . a lot...
someone needs to end my winning streak i've won the last 6 (make that 7) games i've played... please someone stop me!