Thursday, December 24, 2009

i don't even care what haters say!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

make your own inference on whatever. boys grow up to be men, girls grow up to be women and we all play the same games over and over again.

like most things to me photography is only fun because i don't take it seriously.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

bad taste.

you ever put your foot in your mouth? find yourself regretting what you've said?
recently this has been happening to me a lot. wether it is to do with my attitude changing or my brain weakening it seams all i ever do now is put my foot in my mouth. man that tastes bad.. i'm naturally an awkward person but this is getting way out of hand. i'm wondering though is it that i'm saying stupid things.. or is it that i lack the conviction to hold fast to my words. i keep mentioning things then suddenly moments later reject my own statement. is this a sign of losing confidence or a sign of loosing brain cells? foot your proper place is not within my mouth..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

whats new

whenever i hear that question my heart jolts a bit. i get a brain fart draw a blank then reply a "well-a. . . um.. not much?"
truth is often times when i am posed this question the events or lack there of would be a bit bland to regale. i'm not like some merchant marine or world traveler with billions of wild stories to tell. the bitter truth is besides the steady pace at which i simultaneously read five books little else actually happens to me. so what do you want me to say to you? that since the last time we spoke it is likely i read 20 books? watched 20 movies? i hate getting caught out in public with a book in my hands. cause what happens is some idiot will ask you what it's about and you are then forced to paraphrase the 20 to 30 odd chapters you have just read.. yea it's okay once but trust me if you keep that little pulpy bastard in your hands all day i guarantee you'll be asked that same damned question at least twice more. all i want to do is read in peace!!!

rant said and done. what IS new?
i'll begin with i'm now twenty two. TWO! time sure flies.. paths diverge, paths converge... i don't feel any different then i used to not any smarter or any wiser. heres a little fun fact until you're well passed the age of 25 your frontal lobe(thats right of your brain genius) is not fully grown. no matter how much you'd like to argue with an adult and you feel that conviction of your stupid little adolescent heart that you are right and they are all wrong.. guess what. your brain is not fully developed the connections are not traveling at 100% speed so what does that mean for you kids? it means not matter how much you THINK you're right it's more than likely that you're not seeing all the angles there are to your argument. trust me when you get a bit older you'll understand why you're so stupid. until then try to be a bit more humble.

but i digress by now my random spurts of knowledge have weeded out the skimmers and passers by and what are left are the few sick and twisted creepers of my... jk jk we're all secretly creepers anyways.

besides becoming double eleven, i won a battle! mind you it was a stupid halloween battle and i basically only had to battle my friends. but it is a milestone in my life as a dancer. roughly 2 years ago i told myself if i don't win a battle before i'm 22 i'm quitting bboying thats that. so imagine my joy to have accomplished what i had set out to do 2 whole years ago. bboy life is good. i've been recruited to the soul felons probably one of my biggest inspirations in vancouver period. and recently went to the semi finals in a crew battle with the crew that earl and i created. hard work is paying off. i got a new job they are giving me a ton of hours and tons of free clothes blah blah blah etc etc this whole blog i sense is becoming a tad over indulgent for my liking so i'm just going to abruptly pull the plug right here.....
. . .