Friday, November 30, 2007

grad write ups?...

so i was just reading this girls rant on her grad write up.

it's silly isn't it. how some kids (and i can call them kids now cause i'm 20, it's legit, nuff said) how some kids put so much thought and worry into what they write in their grad write up? like ten years from now everyone is gonna dig up their yearbook just to look at your quote and say: "wow what a inspiring and profound quote." hell no i'm pretty sure ten years from now those lame ass quotes are gonna be the ones i skip. isn't life about.. and i quote this directly from miss frizzle:" taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy.." so who cares how embarrassing slash stupid your write up is. thats part of the fun. years from now would you wanna look back at your lame quote and say "wow i was such a tight wod.." or would you rather laugh at yourself. frankly i believe in: if your a kid be kid. live it up cause one day your a happy go-getter the next your 20 year old sarcastic guy with a job. so who are you trying to impress anyways?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

so this is the maden voyage of my blog not much to talk about right now. there is much work to do new posts will come be patient

by the way if this looks a lot like a xanga... it's because i'm really used to xanga, xanga and me wez tight.. xanga is like my homie,xanga... etc you get the point