Monday, January 18, 2010

the summation of my year ( at last ).

it has been a strange year for me. so many changes so many new things, and yet i almost feel i've done nothing of lasting importance. it's almost as if i turned on auto pilot for this year and just let it go by. i'm trying to think of some sort of profound change or amazing breath taking scene that occurred in the last three hundred and sixty five days, but theres nothing. truthfully i have made some new friendships and grown closer to a choice few but where does that leave me? a couple digits higher on facebook, great..... what it boils down to i guess is if there were a highlight reel of my life of the past year what would be on it. i imagine myself watching it and not being proud of a single moment. not because i've done despicable things, but because i feel i've accomplished so little.. maybe that is why i've avoided writing this for so long. maybe i'm just being overly critical of my life. the one thing that seems to elude me is a meaningful relationship. (of the female variety..)

it's been over a year since i broke up with you know who(not voldemort) and probably also a year since we've talked. i can not say for certain why this is. it could be my guilt, it could be her guilt. it could be both of our guilt and the things that transpired. whatever the reason for two people who were together for something like 5 years of our teenage and partly post teenage lives we certainly know how to avoid each other. which is by no means a easy thing. being that she lives just two blocks away and i'm sure we use the same skytrain. well hopefully her new boyfriend treats her the way she deserves.

me? do i feel guilty? of course i feel guilty. if anyone asks me what went wrong i don't deny i turned into a flaming asshole.. something and someone i am not.

flash forward to today. and yes i feel guilty not for what happened between her and i but just the whole situation in general. an irritating question has been plaguing my mind day in and day out. is it really better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all? do i rest easy in knowing the feeling of true love, or does it bane my existence? knowing the feeling and being without it. maybe shakespeare never had to worry about the next relationship. the sad truth is sometimes i curl up with a pillow next to me hoping for that warmth you can only get from a human being. not just any human, a girl, and not just any girl, a girl that loves you. because none of the variations without all of the above will be quite as relaxing to your mind and body. thats not all i miss..

i miss staying home on a saturday night just watching movies and eating popcorn.

i miss seeing photo booths as opportunities rather than reminders.

i miss dates.

i miss making the best of crappy situations.

i miss being someone's protector.

i miss having someone to call everyday.

i miss making mix tapes.

i miss...

i miss a lot of things..


you know.. well maybe you don't know. but sometimes i just feel really lonely. when i get like that i either break edge hard and go off the deep end just trying to numb the feeling, or i turn off the world and stick to myself hiding my misery. it's pretty stupid to not face my demons i know this... what is there to say about self destruction really? somebody save me?

but i digress this is supposed to be a summation. i can't really say anything i have not already gloated about earlier on this blog. new dance achievements new friends new jobs blah blah blah. i guess it was just an excuse to vent on my relationship issues. by the way i realize this blog has become what i hate: one of those stupid artsy hipster blogs with single pictures with vague descriptions and songs with no explanation.. for that i have no excuse but sheer laziness. well i'll get back to the real grit of my so called life you sickos love so much. don't be afraid to comment i'd appreciate input.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

this reminds me of happy summer bike ride days.

my internet has been craaaaaazy slow lately something is up. and that reminds me of the days of dial up.

Monday, January 11, 2010

favorite halfer of all time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

yea that about sums it up.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

can't find love anywhere these days..

Friday, January 1, 2010

summation of my year.

will have to wait til tomorrow..