Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my baby!!

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my new baby!!! can't wait to make some films!!!!! like this

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is also easily one of my favorite movies

so heartwarming.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

of haters and lovers.


we all have them. in the metaphysical as well as the desires. i think every human has an ambition. a great goal to become something they've always longed to become, to go somewhere they've always wanted to go. as we grow from infants to children to adults there seems to be that one wish our hearts can not relinquish. and for good reason! if nothing else this brief ripple in time we call life is but a journey to that end goal. to become a pilot, to become an astronaut, to climb the highest mountain, to brave the longest quest, because as a child you see a problem and you see an answer you don't see all the complications adults see, you are naive and not cynical. children see homeless people: "why don't they have homes?" children see wars:"why don't they stop fighting.." no one can do that:"why not.." there is a great beauty in that. great beauty in the pure and simple logic of belief.

but as we age we become aware of all the 'what-ifs' and complications and the voices begin to turn against you. the thoughts in your heart become words of negativity and pessimism. you forget what it's like to be a kid. forget the wishes in your heart. one day you find out there is no santa clause, no easter bunny, no tooth fairy and suddenly the world is a cold and lonely place. cynicism is one of the things i hate most in people. like "what... you forgot how to dream?! whats wrong with you!..."

dreams are important. to dream a dream for your future, is to walk down a long and difficult path to reach green pastures. although our dreams may change as we grow we always keep them safe, keep them close. because everyone loves something! everyone is passionate about what they pursue! that is why you pursue it! we all have dreams i've established that right?
dreams that we can only hope come true, and we toil away day and night, night and day through hardships and hard falls. we get back up and keep pushing onward to be what we want to be go where we want to go. everyone loves something, yet it's always what you love that someone has to hate.

hate is also a part of growing up. when you move through life and so many of your dreams shatter before you, you learn to hate. you start letting everyone know how difficult things in reality are. how painful life can be. and as if your dream meant nothing you give up and follow a different path. one that perhaps everyone follows and is less strain less work less fruitful. we learn gradually how to hate. people always have to shit on your dreams. lifes not like being a kid anymore. eventually all those negative thoughts and voices unify to tell you nothing is possible and nobody can do that... the world is full of haters, so few dreamers ever survive to adulthood. there are many factors to blame for this. too many to list. and that my friends is a depressing notion. an endless list of heart poisoning dream killing factors.

BUT all is not lost. in fact there is no time for doom and gloom. and i'll tell you why. once you become enlightened to this ravenous plague you can do something about it! you can change the world! nothing is ever truly over, nothing is ever passed the point of no return. all you've got to do is start believing again! don't lose your dreams. NEVER LOSE YOUR DREAMS* dreams are the most important thing in life. a wise man once told me "no [one] can live without passion" i believe this fully. if you start believing again you can undo the damage you may have done in pessimism. believe in yourself! believe in all others! and always nurture and cradle the the dreams of children because one day they will grow up to be our future! you'll be glad you did it. glad you sheltered those beautiful dreams. i'm glad for those that ignore the hatred of the world. you know someone said "i want to fly" and everyone said it was impossible. but the wright brothers didn't listen and because they held on to that dream we have airplanes jets flight. impossible is a word that should not exist. because nothing is impossible belief is the key to all dreams. believe that you can do anything and you will see what i mean.

"he who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right."

never give up.

ps. it took me a couple days to think of and write this.. so don't be angry i didn't break my promise, it just took a while.
this was amazing...

Friday, September 24, 2010

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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