Thursday, June 26, 2008


YES! finally japan can get some much do respect in ther fixed scene.
these guys'R'dope!!!!!

trailer for FUMIKIRI from JAN on Vimeo.

Monday, June 23, 2008

...what the deuce..

even now after learning tricks and stuff this still makes me feel retarded

how the.. what the.. HUH??....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

WO m TH from TRACKUMA on Vimeo.
it's good to see my japan homies are holdin it down
can't say i didn't warn you about watching that doom vid. cause now it's gone and you'll only be hearing about it from me bringing it up every third sentence hey by the way theres this dope part where the guy barspins then spins it the opposite way.. thats nuts.

keep on riding in the free world

ps. almost have teh wirly birds

Friday, June 20, 2008


council of doom !!!

council of doom - another 48 hours from wolfgang on Vimeo.
this will only be available for another 24 hours so watch it to the max! before they make you pay.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

trick a day

today was bar spins for babe jesus (bbj) it's still fun, people there sort of depress me though.
i'm just stoked on learning new tricks and trying to crack my noggin, and them folks are just sitting and chilling.
which from a bboying perceptive is wack! it's such a dope vibe when everyones training and seshing.
it makes you want to push yourself that much harder. so yea i basically never stopped aside from the two times i bailed and just chilled there.. on my back. i put my new wheel through it's paces checkit.

my plans worked perfectly

Monday, June 16, 2008

let go.

what is wrong with me? that i don't care. i don't know. is there something wrong ? or am i just better off? i sometimes wonder why girls are so complicated or are all girls this complicated??? sometimes i wake up at night thinking "wtf was that for?" thinking about a fight.

i guess that is one of those comments thats a red flag. people say when you're in love there is no such thing as the last straw. but i'd have to beg to differ. often in relationships when things go sour you look to blame the other person. i don't want to blame anyone. i think it's just a case of people changing. maybe i've become jaded to all this banter and nonsense. "too sick and tired" of trying. so perhaps it's me, me thats done the changing, me thats the problem. and it's true cause it's me thats walking away.

i can't say i feel anything loss regret pain anger. just the cob webbed cold and dark cubby hole..

where i used to have a best friend.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

sat recap

so saturday was pretty action packed. with the livesale at 630 am, and the party at 3 and the me getting hella sleepy at 10.
livesale was a success. we were first in line theres the proof.
i went pretty crazy in my opinion i haven't bought that much stuff for my self in ages. i can't remember the last time i bought that much clothing. i think i spent roughly $235. shoes were 3 for 100... which is ridiculous . i could barely fit it all in my huge messenger bag. which brings me to my next point that was the first time i've been let down by my sag bag. now i feel the need for a new bag.. if everything fit inside i would have just rode home but boxes were dangling precariously and my huge lock chain was around my neck chaffing the hell outa me. anywho that won't be anytime soon. 235 plus whatever else i splurged on friday night and saturday is a bit too much for my liking. i'm going to be taking a break from the spending. s'about time i gave a bit back to the good Lord anyway. i really hope this guy wayne calls me today he said he'd call cause they're going on a ride.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


today was pretty exciting. jono came back from his missions trip!!! i don't know why but when he came over i got super excited. i guess i just really missed that guy in a totally non homosexual way. brian jono and i had our selves a little halo night. bought some munchies looked for xbox games then the beat downs commenced. halo is halo. i could live without it. i'm not sure why i got it. anyways i right this roughly 3 hours before brian and i will embark on our livesale ride at 5 am. i don't think i'll be going crazy or anything i just need to pick up some new eras and maybe some shoes for terry. good adventures at the least.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my own elvs

so heres the plan buy 650 rim and spokes and nipples. lace er up. and put some of this on


girls are so frustrating. with the mood swings and the hormones and the clingy.
guys are stupid and temperamental but at least they're easy to figure out.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

mysterious schwalbe...

so i've been riding the same skidded out schwalbe rear for the past two weeks.. and frankly i am surprised at how evenly it is wearing. it's not for a lack of effort cause i've been relentless on that thing. maybe it's a magical tire that regenerates each night.

anyway thats just a brain fart. today was a good day. woke up late around 2 cause i had my curtains closed other wise i'd wake up at 9 or 10. ate lunch and just chillaxed. around 3 i left on my friday adventure. i didn't feel like bboying for some reason. went to my bank withdrew money and headed for downtown. stopped by work to pick up some headphones for janice and tried to pawn off my afternoon shift for saturday. uuuuugh no one wants to work 1 to 6 on a saturday!!!!! i don't blame them.. i need to upgrade. london drugs is getting boring, i thought it would be fun having such a slack job. but the lack of challenge is starting to get to me. man can only go so far on crushing boxes and replacing pops. anyways after that i went to super champion to borrow a pump. the new deep V 650s are in!!!!!!!! i can't decide what colour to get. i think i'll get white and put reflective stickers on it. after that i headed to granville to give janice her headphones. hung around for a bit looked at clothes and shoes then left for burnaby. i rode to pastor darryl's house which is close to burnaby central. not too far. chilled with the youth group ate cookies pop corn and watched the pink panther good times good times GTs. then went to boston pizza with couple of guys they were up to no good. started makin trouble in my neighborhood. anyways thats my day. tomorrow should be interesting. what with the plans of birthdays and work and langara rides. we will see.

Friday, June 6, 2008

making up for lost time.

today was an all out attack on lost time.

first i woke up late for work at 8:30 with 30 minutes to get to work. i brushed my teeth and flew out the door around 8:40. i got to work at 9:07 late! they thought i was sick again so my boss called in someone. so today i did very little at work. i ate instant noodles a chocolate bar and ice tea for lunch. finished work at 2. didn't feel like going home. i had to pick up a new cog and a new tire so i headed to super champion. finally i got a copy of cog!!!!!!! it is glorious. best free publication ever. anyways i was now even further from home soaked and cold... i wasn't going to get any wetter then i already was, so i decide to go visit janice at work. i dropped by and waited til her break. then after i checked out some clothes. man i am so poor. at around 6 i started heading for barspins and baby jesus at the jesus banks. man was that fun. just chilling with a couple of guys doing tricks and what not. like a bboy session except tres chill. i'll be heading there on a regular basis now.

after the trick sesh i headed home around 9:15. got home at 9 45. from downtown to b-town 30 minutes. not bad...
ate some soul food and showered and relaxed. and now i'm just laying here contemplating.

i am broke. time to craigslist stuff. looking at stuff at aa really made me feel broke. i looked around at stuff. "i want this... and this. and this... and this.. i'll take two of those.." oh well in due time. for now i can only think about them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

uuuuugh stomach virus

stupid sickness.. i feel like my life got put on hold for like a week.
i missed out on everything!!!!

well this will make me feel better when i get it.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

sick sick sick

so i went to see the doctor today. apparently i have a virus in my stomach. and it's going around lately. she said she had 5 people already came in with the exact same thing. and it was just for today. so please listen to my warning and wash your hands really thoroughly before you eat or even if you're just coming home. cause this sucks!!!!!!!!

today sucked so bad. probably one of the worst days i've ever had. i woke up thinking i was fine. then a few minutes after i left my house for work, my stomach started acting up. sharp pains and nausea. all i could do was sit there in my dads truck as he did all the work. we were in north shore so i couldn't get a quick ride home. i had to wait til he was done. i sort of expected my stomach to get better. but it didn't, just like thursday.

except today was worse. cause i was trapped in my dads truck all day. i ended up trying to help him for one job but it just got too painful. i called pastor darryl and judith they helped a lot i think. they comforted me and prayed with me. which put me at ease a lot. i got to sleep, but every now and then i'd get a sharp pain in my stomach and i'd wake up. i was so choked to be sick again.. i really thought i was better. but apparently not. today i was looking forward to a lot of things. dtp battle with yong, and the race at queen e. man this sucks so much. i was really reaally looking forward to this day! and this happens.

anyways please please please!!!!! listen to my warning and wash your hands thoroughly and often. you don't want what i got. trust me.