Monday, June 16, 2008

let go.

what is wrong with me? that i don't care. i don't know. is there something wrong ? or am i just better off? i sometimes wonder why girls are so complicated or are all girls this complicated??? sometimes i wake up at night thinking "wtf was that for?" thinking about a fight.

i guess that is one of those comments thats a red flag. people say when you're in love there is no such thing as the last straw. but i'd have to beg to differ. often in relationships when things go sour you look to blame the other person. i don't want to blame anyone. i think it's just a case of people changing. maybe i've become jaded to all this banter and nonsense. "too sick and tired" of trying. so perhaps it's me, me thats done the changing, me thats the problem. and it's true cause it's me thats walking away.

i can't say i feel anything loss regret pain anger. just the cob webbed cold and dark cubby hole..

where i used to have a best friend.

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xanga ditcher!