Friday, June 6, 2008

making up for lost time.

today was an all out attack on lost time.

first i woke up late for work at 8:30 with 30 minutes to get to work. i brushed my teeth and flew out the door around 8:40. i got to work at 9:07 late! they thought i was sick again so my boss called in someone. so today i did very little at work. i ate instant noodles a chocolate bar and ice tea for lunch. finished work at 2. didn't feel like going home. i had to pick up a new cog and a new tire so i headed to super champion. finally i got a copy of cog!!!!!!! it is glorious. best free publication ever. anyways i was now even further from home soaked and cold... i wasn't going to get any wetter then i already was, so i decide to go visit janice at work. i dropped by and waited til her break. then after i checked out some clothes. man i am so poor. at around 6 i started heading for barspins and baby jesus at the jesus banks. man was that fun. just chilling with a couple of guys doing tricks and what not. like a bboy session except tres chill. i'll be heading there on a regular basis now.

after the trick sesh i headed home around 9:15. got home at 9 45. from downtown to b-town 30 minutes. not bad...
ate some soul food and showered and relaxed. and now i'm just laying here contemplating.

i am broke. time to craigslist stuff. looking at stuff at aa really made me feel broke. i looked around at stuff. "i want this... and this. and this... and this.. i'll take two of those.." oh well in due time. for now i can only think about them.

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