Saturday, June 7, 2008

mysterious schwalbe...

so i've been riding the same skidded out schwalbe rear for the past two weeks.. and frankly i am surprised at how evenly it is wearing. it's not for a lack of effort cause i've been relentless on that thing. maybe it's a magical tire that regenerates each night.

anyway thats just a brain fart. today was a good day. woke up late around 2 cause i had my curtains closed other wise i'd wake up at 9 or 10. ate lunch and just chillaxed. around 3 i left on my friday adventure. i didn't feel like bboying for some reason. went to my bank withdrew money and headed for downtown. stopped by work to pick up some headphones for janice and tried to pawn off my afternoon shift for saturday. uuuuugh no one wants to work 1 to 6 on a saturday!!!!! i don't blame them.. i need to upgrade. london drugs is getting boring, i thought it would be fun having such a slack job. but the lack of challenge is starting to get to me. man can only go so far on crushing boxes and replacing pops. anyways after that i went to super champion to borrow a pump. the new deep V 650s are in!!!!!!!! i can't decide what colour to get. i think i'll get white and put reflective stickers on it. after that i headed to granville to give janice her headphones. hung around for a bit looked at clothes and shoes then left for burnaby. i rode to pastor darryl's house which is close to burnaby central. not too far. chilled with the youth group ate cookies pop corn and watched the pink panther good times good times GTs. then went to boston pizza with couple of guys they were up to no good. started makin trouble in my neighborhood. anyways thats my day. tomorrow should be interesting. what with the plans of birthdays and work and langara rides. we will see.

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terence said...

lol pink panther
this youth group is so random..
oh wait it was the same one i went to