Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dear blog sorry for being lazy.

wow i find i really treat this blog like my room. it's neglected, when i should take care of it i just try to avoid it. and when it gets really messy i just step on the parts that aren't covered in clothes..?.. nevermind.

i do have a good reason for the past few days at least. yesterday i was sick . i caught some nasty fever, i had a temperature, i was nauseous, and had a brain splitting migraine. i woke up every 20 minutes it was terrible. and on christmas day! anyway i really didn't want to go to work today. but time and a half plus full shift = greed takes over sickness. jk jk the reason i went to work was because i lost the direct line phone number to my store so i couldn't phone in..

other then being sick and having a migraine christmas was very merry this year even though my dad my sister and cousin and uncle and aunt didn't show up. you see the house is usually full of at least 20 people during christmas. and this year it was 7.
i guess japanese people are in high demand these days.

here are some pictures i wanted to post up earlier but alas my laziness
saw this on the way to work CIMG0147

Thursday, December 20, 2007

it's about time i put in a new post. i was pretty lazy about writing something the past few weeks. probably because i've had lots of crap to sort out: 1)work 2)christmas presents 3)my room 4)work... so in that order work has been easy. i can almost turn my brain off and do that job in fact sometimes i think i do turn my brain off. what i say and do has become some what assimilated into one of the many cogs and gears of the london drugs dynamo.

R:*putting stuff through scanner*"beep"
"sorry your stuff doesn't seem to be scanning.."
C:"um... what stuff. and you just waved your hand through
there you weren't even holding anything..?.. are you alright?"
R:"yes i'm fine it's bleen a long night. i mean been sorry typo. wait i just said typo out loud."

i won't disclose who R was.

moving along christmas has been a special treat this year. since most years i just scrape up enough dough to buy a few presents, and crappy ones at that. this year christmas has been a little better since i finally have an income, i can afford to spoil my loved ones. spoil them rotten muahahaha! i got 95% of my christmas shopping done so i'm not feeling any anxiety or "christmas rage" just chillin.

MY ROOM! it is impossible to keep clean. or maybe it's just very possible to keep dirty either way my room is so hard to clean. so that is when the inspiration of my list came. a 3 week plan if you will.

week one: CLEAN ROOM

week two: CLEAN DIET

week three: CLEAN BRAIN

i'll explain what these mean as we go. for now i just wanted to lay out the plan

tee tee why elle

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

so this is MY video blog eat that jay! lol jk all in good fun

i was getting kinda excited i think i said "doothing"

Monday, December 10, 2007

stuff like this makes me wish i was better at music

Thursday, December 6, 2007

what is the meaning of life?

just kidding. hahaha, but seriously today i found one of my goldfish doing the backstroke. and not in a good way. it was sad too, cause it was the cute one not the ugly googly-eyed one, i call fiddy. no it had to be the cute one. God are you trying to show me some sort of illustration here? smite thy cute ones? perhaps. lesson or none, lucky's passing has made me reflect today. reflect on responsibility, like whos responsibility it was to make sure lucky's water was changed{sudden thought! lucky wasn't so lucky after all...}i also reflect on procrastination like how i should have gotten her tank cleaned and the proper tank accessories to care for her. my actions or lack there of, resulted in a death. and this too made me think. can a fish truly die if no one morns it? i mean sure this goes along with the whole philosophy vegetarians live by. animals have souls and they feel pain and die as well blah blah.
it's a deep question i'd rather not delve into. fish live therefore they must also die it's the law of nature. i just hope i didn't cause any added suffering to her life.
and i suppose this means i have to make sure fiddy lives to die of natural causes not water polution...

lucky narita
2007- dec,4,2007

sigh... now that i think about it, i'm wishing i didn't flush her down the toilet. lucky deserved better then that. i mean i basically put her where all the poop goes.. what kind of burial is that. i hope when my time comes that i don't go down the crapper. alas karma is a cruel vice.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

last night i came to the realization that my writing is so immature.
i mean i write like i'm talking to you on msn or something. sure it might be amusing sometimes. but to me it makes me cringe, because i don't know any other way to write. maybe this is what all those teachers were trying to tell me throughout highschool hahaha. great... i'll make an effort to improve my writing especially since i wanna be an english teacher!

that emo'ness out of the way you should check out rory's food guide. he hasn't done many reviews and stuff yet. i think he has the same views and tastes as most of us so yea check it -> eat street

the rainbow beam blewed up the snow..

the rainbow beam blewed up the snow..
thats my simple scientific explanation.

today was a good day. my neighbour's gargantuan snow man was reduced to a tiny 2 inch by 2 inch cube. why a cube? my science brain can only explain so much.

ate lunch with with king and janice at noodle box. all i can say is; if you haven't been there... go. go now! get up and bus to noodle box on west 4th!!!

anyways found some more christmas gifts. came home to find oooh-lala a rainbow!
(sorry jay to put your rainbow pic to shame)

i was so excited today to finally ride my bike to work again. i have a intresting story.
on the way to work. i was riding along broadway on root to renfrew, when some dick head honked at me cause i was "in his way" i was in the middle of the hov lane, which for those who don't know is actually for carpoolers, buses, and yes hello BIKES! so he wizzes by me trying to scare me which was a wasted effort.(not the first to try this not the last) how childish .

of course i could ride close to the curb. but why don't you try riding a bike at those speeds in a 2 foot space it's not fun, it's not easy, and it's very dangerous.
1) buttheads like this guy will wizz by you all day
2) it's a lot bumpier then the road
3) thats where all the broken leftover bits from the acsidents end up(try paying for new inner tubes all week. you'll end up in the poor house) and

the stories not over. i catch up to this guy. give him the stare down, smile, wave at him, and ride right past him. until hes a little dot way off behind me.

lessons of the day: bicycles are fast.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

virgin blog??

so i feel like this blog is so new. almost as if it needs a few more good rants to become a real blog.
break the seal if you will, de-virginize the blogspot, pop the cherr ... urr you get the point.

so i woke up today at around 5:30 to do my regular jog and exercise routine. to the shock and horror that a fresh coat of whitewash had been put all over my backyard. WAIT A SECOND THATS NOT PAINT! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! {as previous post refers.} dang. looks like no jog today, looks like no biking to work neither. which are for the most part the highlights of my day (apart from talking to janice when i get home from work of course)

so i cuddled up to my pillows and went back to sleep. i woke up around 11:30 cause janice wanted some help with her project something about a camera, film, yada yada, i had already told her i would days earlier which made this conversation both frustrating and slightly trivial. after that i went back to sleep for about an hour then woke up for real. i usually eat some fresh fruit and my quakers oatmeal honey cinnamon mmmmmmmmmm. but seeing as how i didn't jog i wasn't in the mood. so i ate some rice with a fried egg . anyways, to speed this along a bit. brian came over, we chilled as usual, he left for a hot date . i stayed for a hot date with LD.

work was same ole same ole. coworkers joked about my attire as we walked out. me: bundled up like an inuit, them: laughing at me in there thin jackets no hats no gloves no boots. psshh lets see if you're still laughing when i'm toasty warm and you're a buncha popsicles.

i walked to the bus stop . but something caught my attention! there were people there!?! theres never people there( i get off work at 10:30pm). i shrugged it off made a couple snowballs to pass time. then more came.{ where the heck were they coming from?} then even more, then more until pretty soon there was a line up at the bus stop... apparently there was some sort of emo convention going on at the pne stadium place. something called a soasin. clearly beyond my level of emo-understanding. anyways not much else to talk about other then some stupid girl was only wearing a t-shirt and gloves... i mean what exactly is the point of the gloves if you have no bloody jacket on!!?

there blog you are now officially a blog! woohoo

Saturday, December 1, 2007

game over maan game over...

Friday, November 30, 2007

grad write ups?...

so i was just reading this girls rant on her grad write up.

it's silly isn't it. how some kids (and i can call them kids now cause i'm 20, it's legit, nuff said) how some kids put so much thought and worry into what they write in their grad write up? like ten years from now everyone is gonna dig up their yearbook just to look at your quote and say: "wow what a inspiring and profound quote." hell no i'm pretty sure ten years from now those lame ass quotes are gonna be the ones i skip. isn't life about.. and i quote this directly from miss frizzle:" taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy.." so who cares how embarrassing slash stupid your write up is. thats part of the fun. years from now would you wanna look back at your lame quote and say "wow i was such a tight wod.." or would you rather laugh at yourself. frankly i believe in: if your a kid be kid. live it up cause one day your a happy go-getter the next your 20 year old sarcastic guy with a job. so who are you trying to impress anyways?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

so this is the maden voyage of my blog not much to talk about right now. there is much work to do new posts will come be patient

by the way if this looks a lot like a xanga... it's because i'm really used to xanga, xanga and me wez tight.. xanga is like my homie,xanga... etc you get the point