Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the rainbow beam blewed up the snow..

the rainbow beam blewed up the snow..
thats my simple scientific explanation.

today was a good day. my neighbour's gargantuan snow man was reduced to a tiny 2 inch by 2 inch cube. why a cube? my science brain can only explain so much.

ate lunch with with king and janice at noodle box. all i can say is; if you haven't been there... go. go now! get up and bus to noodle box on west 4th!!!

anyways found some more christmas gifts. came home to find oooh-lala a rainbow!
(sorry jay to put your rainbow pic to shame)

i was so excited today to finally ride my bike to work again. i have a intresting story.
on the way to work. i was riding along broadway on root to renfrew, when some dick head honked at me cause i was "in his way" i was in the middle of the hov lane, which for those who don't know is actually for carpoolers, buses, and yes hello BIKES! so he wizzes by me trying to scare me which was a wasted effort.(not the first to try this not the last) how childish .

of course i could ride close to the curb. but why don't you try riding a bike at those speeds in a 2 foot space it's not fun, it's not easy, and it's very dangerous.
1) buttheads like this guy will wizz by you all day
2) it's a lot bumpier then the road
3) thats where all the broken leftover bits from the acsidents end up(try paying for new inner tubes all week. you'll end up in the poor house) and

the stories not over. i catch up to this guy. give him the stare down, smile, wave at him, and ride right past him. until hes a little dot way off behind me.

lessons of the day: bicycles are fast.

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