Thursday, December 20, 2007

it's about time i put in a new post. i was pretty lazy about writing something the past few weeks. probably because i've had lots of crap to sort out: 1)work 2)christmas presents 3)my room 4)work... so in that order work has been easy. i can almost turn my brain off and do that job in fact sometimes i think i do turn my brain off. what i say and do has become some what assimilated into one of the many cogs and gears of the london drugs dynamo.

R:*putting stuff through scanner*"beep"
"sorry your stuff doesn't seem to be scanning.."
C:"um... what stuff. and you just waved your hand through
there you weren't even holding anything..?.. are you alright?"
R:"yes i'm fine it's bleen a long night. i mean been sorry typo. wait i just said typo out loud."

i won't disclose who R was.

moving along christmas has been a special treat this year. since most years i just scrape up enough dough to buy a few presents, and crappy ones at that. this year christmas has been a little better since i finally have an income, i can afford to spoil my loved ones. spoil them rotten muahahaha! i got 95% of my christmas shopping done so i'm not feeling any anxiety or "christmas rage" just chillin.

MY ROOM! it is impossible to keep clean. or maybe it's just very possible to keep dirty either way my room is so hard to clean. so that is when the inspiration of my list came. a 3 week plan if you will.

week one: CLEAN ROOM

week two: CLEAN DIET

week three: CLEAN BRAIN

i'll explain what these mean as we go. for now i just wanted to lay out the plan

tee tee why elle

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