Thursday, December 6, 2007

what is the meaning of life?

just kidding. hahaha, but seriously today i found one of my goldfish doing the backstroke. and not in a good way. it was sad too, cause it was the cute one not the ugly googly-eyed one, i call fiddy. no it had to be the cute one. God are you trying to show me some sort of illustration here? smite thy cute ones? perhaps. lesson or none, lucky's passing has made me reflect today. reflect on responsibility, like whos responsibility it was to make sure lucky's water was changed{sudden thought! lucky wasn't so lucky after all...}i also reflect on procrastination like how i should have gotten her tank cleaned and the proper tank accessories to care for her. my actions or lack there of, resulted in a death. and this too made me think. can a fish truly die if no one morns it? i mean sure this goes along with the whole philosophy vegetarians live by. animals have souls and they feel pain and die as well blah blah.
it's a deep question i'd rather not delve into. fish live therefore they must also die it's the law of nature. i just hope i didn't cause any added suffering to her life.
and i suppose this means i have to make sure fiddy lives to die of natural causes not water polution...

lucky narita
2007- dec,4,2007

sigh... now that i think about it, i'm wishing i didn't flush her down the toilet. lucky deserved better then that. i mean i basically put her where all the poop goes.. what kind of burial is that. i hope when my time comes that i don't go down the crapper. alas karma is a cruel vice.

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