Sunday, July 22, 2012

letter to the big guy upstairs.

hey God...

    i'll never stop believing in you. i'll never stop praying and thanking you for all the miracles in my life. i'll never stop loving you... i just don't think you're this tight wod that needs constant attention and worship. i think spending time relating and loving other humans is what you would prefer. regardless of what some ancient text says about how i should act and live at the end of the day i'm just me and it feels like i have to figure things out for myself...

as always i'm still learning how to be a better human being and i feel i have many more lessons to learn about compassion and love.. i also still worry A LOT about people thinking i'm fake and that i do things with underlying intentions.. but.. at this stage in my life i feel like i'm finally comfortable with who i am and it feels great! it took 24 years.. and lots of mistakes! but i wouldn't turn back and change a thing. thanks for never leaving me. :) every day is a chance to learn and grow and love. i hope someday we can have a long chat about my life. in the meantime i'll try not to get into tooo much trouble... and i will continue to cherish every moment of my life like a precious gift.

in your sons most precious name. amen.