Tuesday, October 28, 2008

blogging hiatus .

i wish i could say i was out of town or off on some crazy adventure. but that would be a lie. the truth is i'm just here.
doing a whole lot of nothing. brooding or wallowing maybe a hybrid of both hybrids are cool these days .
it's not that i forgot i have a duty to write here. i've just been avoiding everyone and everything. i've even been away from facebook for the most part. have you ever watched a movie and have been like "wtf thats me.."
i have that exact experience every time i watch adaptation.
for those that haven't seen it adaptation is a movie written by charlie kaufman the same guy that wrote eternal sunshine of a spotless mind and being john malkovich. anyway adaptation is weird movie about charlie kaufman and his fictional twin brother. the whole movie is fictional but to what extent no one really knows charlie kaufman is a very private person despite being one of the most powerful people in hollywood. i'd feel a bit awkward describing the whole movie since i already said it reminds me of me. but i will link you if you wanna watch it.

life is odd sometimes. so hard to explain and understand . i feel like we are so insignificant that we can't see the big picture. like how a fish can never see the ocean. the fish lives and dies in the ocean but will never be able to appreciate the vastness and beauty of it all a fish won't be able to sit at english bay and watch the sun melt into the horizon. is it a good thing they don't know or is it a bad thing? always asking of life whats out there.

sorry to take you on this odd journey of self consciousness. i don't mean to bore you i've just been on this whole what am i worth binge . birthday is coming up and i have no idea what the point is.

well i'm off to the job i hate and the customers i hate even more. peace out peeps.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

unmotivated bastard.

stuck in a crazy rut. all i do is stay at home eat sleep read. then when i go to work i'm like dang... i gotta find a new job this sucks balls. i think it's time to break free from this endless cycle. my life has never been so boring oh mai gaaad!

a few ideas i have to break free are:
-go bike camping. just buy some food and supplies and disapear for a week.
-house sit for my sister. and stay in seattle for like 5 days ride my bike around town.
-smash some skulls and get a better job.

thats pretty much it. i just feel like a lazy slow guy. the only thing i've sorta been staying on top of is my bboying. i got some crazy secret weapons now muhahahaahaha

and now to fill space a photo i took a while ago

so since the majority of you are secret stalkers and lazy asses i'll make this easier for you>>>>

Friday, October 10, 2008

bob k? BOB K!!!

did the whole world except me know that bob kronbauer was some sort of genius/big deal?
i new he ran vancouver is awesome but i just thought he was some sort of regular dude... but no! after reading this article i now know his true identity ! ! ! whats weirder still is bob runs crownfarmer ... so when i met him i didn't even know i owned one of his shirts. whats next? am i going to find out my neighbor is futura?

my only fear now is that bob will rise up and smite me for not recognize'n

oh by the way the pole on my new sidebar closed and the verdict was: it stays . 4 votes vs 2
i have a new pole though so if you got like 3 seconds just click one...>>>>>
( this one has been bugging me )

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


UUUUUGHHH .. i generally hate being sick. i'm the kind of guy that will brake his arm get up shrug it off and go back to work. but when i get sick totally wimp out lay in bed in a dark room and pray for a swift and painless death to avoid prolonging the torture. i hate catching colds flus virus whatever i hate them. i can deal with pain, but i can't deal with my body crapping out on me.
so for the past like three days i've been laying here watching the sun go up and down. bored out of my mind hungry for bike smashing and bboying and hill bombing . thats why i haven't been blogging much facebook stalking yes blogging no.

but today is a new day and i'm starting to feel fresh again. shtoooooops. with all my downtime all i've been doing is watch bmx videos and stoner movies .

these three were my favorites:
the sickest curved wall ride ... i didn't even know that was physically possiblemike saavedra

ian web watch for the ending fakie under a bar down a set...ian web

this one made me blow food out my face... insane..

i think maybe this guy just doesn't even know how to go small..

and another thing CAT LOVING HATER i know you're still stalking my blog.. always checking the lost cat poster post. so i  don't know what your problem is but you gotta understand that cat was long gone those posters have been up for like 6 + months i thought about it then put that sticker up. it's just trash pinned to a telephone poll...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SKITCH blog vancouver reporting for duty

i got a call from toronto today. it was my hommie tom!! damn i miss that guy..
we talked about riding, and our hoods, new tricks etc etc. . so basically he was calling to check up on the scene and my riding, and to offer me a writing spot for skitchblog.

skitch is a vancouver based track bike clothing line. co-run/produced/designed by my buddy tom.
they make some dope t shirts!! did i mention tom is a rad rider as well. he taught me a lot of the tricks i know, and inspired many others. but anyways toms a nice dude and thats far too many toms for this paragraph already. i'll be updating that blog for upcoming fixed gear events ie. races, trick competitions or maybe even just bike related dopeness. and in return(even though i'd do it for free but don't tell tom that) i get free new skitch shirts. dope...................
i had hopes of getting those shirts through my riding abilities not my blogging. but hey i'll take what i can get. someday i'll be a part of the skitch riders but for that i gotta hit the labs and bash my bike. so i'm out the door friends off doing wheelies into the sunset.

UPDATE: my first post is up click on the above picture if you wanna check it out.