Wednesday, October 8, 2008


UUUUUGHHH .. i generally hate being sick. i'm the kind of guy that will brake his arm get up shrug it off and go back to work. but when i get sick totally wimp out lay in bed in a dark room and pray for a swift and painless death to avoid prolonging the torture. i hate catching colds flus virus whatever i hate them. i can deal with pain, but i can't deal with my body crapping out on me.
so for the past like three days i've been laying here watching the sun go up and down. bored out of my mind hungry for bike smashing and bboying and hill bombing . thats why i haven't been blogging much facebook stalking yes blogging no.

but today is a new day and i'm starting to feel fresh again. shtoooooops. with all my downtime all i've been doing is watch bmx videos and stoner movies .

these three were my favorites:
the sickest curved wall ride ... i didn't even know that was physically possiblemike saavedra

ian web watch for the ending fakie under a bar down a set...ian web

this one made me blow food out my face... insane..

i think maybe this guy just doesn't even know how to go small..

and another thing CAT LOVING HATER i know you're still stalking my blog.. always checking the lost cat poster post. so i  don't know what your problem is but you gotta understand that cat was long gone those posters have been up for like 6 + months i thought about it then put that sticker up. it's just trash pinned to a telephone poll...

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Skitch Clothing said...

So when are you going to buy a bmx, I just got back from a ride and was bunny hopping over the tall orange traffic cones, you know the tall skinny one's that are like 3 feet tall. I think it was the highest bunnyhop I've ever done that wasn't on to something. And by the way that ian schwartz web edit is amazing, it's seriously one of my faves ever.