Thursday, October 16, 2008

unmotivated bastard.

stuck in a crazy rut. all i do is stay at home eat sleep read. then when i go to work i'm like dang... i gotta find a new job this sucks balls. i think it's time to break free from this endless cycle. my life has never been so boring oh mai gaaad!

a few ideas i have to break free are:
-go bike camping. just buy some food and supplies and disapear for a week.
-house sit for my sister. and stay in seattle for like 5 days ride my bike around town.
-smash some skulls and get a better job.

thats pretty much it. i just feel like a lazy slow guy. the only thing i've sorta been staying on top of is my bboying. i got some crazy secret weapons now muhahahaahaha

and now to fill space a photo i took a while ago

so since the majority of you are secret stalkers and lazy asses i'll make this easier for you>>>>


Skitch Clothing said...

Dude, go shred some Seattle hills, that will make you feel better for sure! Oh and new Skitch Shirts are in the works, so it's something to look forward to!

Flora said...

How dare you call me a lazy ass!