Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SKITCH blog vancouver reporting for duty

i got a call from toronto today. it was my hommie tom!! damn i miss that guy..
we talked about riding, and our hoods, new tricks etc etc. . so basically he was calling to check up on the scene and my riding, and to offer me a writing spot for skitchblog.

skitch is a vancouver based track bike clothing line. co-run/produced/designed by my buddy tom.
they make some dope t shirts!! did i mention tom is a rad rider as well. he taught me a lot of the tricks i know, and inspired many others. but anyways toms a nice dude and thats far too many toms for this paragraph already. i'll be updating that blog for upcoming fixed gear events ie. races, trick competitions or maybe even just bike related dopeness. and in return(even though i'd do it for free but don't tell tom that) i get free new skitch shirts. dope...................
i had hopes of getting those shirts through my riding abilities not my blogging. but hey i'll take what i can get. someday i'll be a part of the skitch riders but for that i gotta hit the labs and bash my bike. so i'm out the door friends off doing wheelies into the sunset.

UPDATE: my first post is up click on the above picture if you wanna check it out.