Sunday, September 28, 2008

making the MONEY$

so my friend louis got me to thinking about building bikes again. long story short he poked and prodded me until i decided to build another bike but this time to sell. so among my upcoming projects i will be building a new bike!
not too sure what kind or what size or anything yet. i just know i'll be investing about 300 into building a fixed gear bike.
some of you may know my previous bike the black one. i built on a slim budget of 200 dollars, then sold it for 380.
i'm not sure if i'll be able to make a profit off of this thing but i enjoy wrenching on bikes anyways so i mine as well make some extra money.

see the problem for me is it's hard to build a bike knowing i'll be selling it. often living paycheck to paycheck already. to invest such a large portion of my earnings with no guarantee of profit is a hard thing to do. but i won't know if i can do it until i try right? i have plans of like making a line of bikes and putting my stamp of approval on each one.

and in any case building bikes is a learning experience in itself so i never turn down an offer to build or repair a bike.


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Skitch Clothing said...

haahaha no way!! i didn't realize til later that the front wheel on that thing was worth like 100 in itself.. if anything i got swindled .

Skitch Clothing said...

oops that was me ryan by the way..