Wednesday, September 3, 2008

check one two..

things are going swimmingly. it feels like things are going in the right direction. for a while there i was feeling like the sky was falling but i'm okay now. no i'm better then okay!! emo ryan has receded back into the depths of my brain. writing for via is really fulfilling actually. i mean i knew it would be cool but today when i finally saw my face and name under the 'about us' section on the website it gave me a great feeling of accomplishment . sometimes i wonder wether bob k is actually a pay it forward genius. and that he just let me write on via not because i got chops, but because he knew it'd make me exceedingly happy. hahahaha i know it's probably not a big deal to anyone or bob that he let me write for his blog thing but to an avid reader and sorta fan it feels like a new status. but anyways i said emo ryan was gone so i'll stop being so gay.

the icf summer camp was really fun. i forgot how relieving summer camp can be . it's like a vacation on a much smaller budget . relaxing in the hot tub and swimming in the pool and enjoying the scenery was dope summer camp is dope. RELIGIOUS ALERT!
and it was really refreshing to see a church that walked so closely with God. i mean i believe that when a church as a whole works to together to glorify God like that, the holy spirit actually can move around and stretch his arms a bit. you wouldn't believe the stuff i experienced. but now i'm starting to bore the secular folk . ..

so anyways life is back on track i still have a few things i need to do before i feel super great but i am confident things will work out .

ps. my next via post coming soon !!!

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