Monday, September 8, 2008

orange julius of my life.

i don't know about you but i got mad love for orange julius. i don't care how many calories or what. i just drink that stuff by the gallons. today i just wondered around the city . downtown, main street, gastown, sunrise i was all over the place. soaking in that fine sunshine . anyway today i came to the sudden conclusion that i don't like to blog unless i have something phenomenal . but thats stupid. thats just like adrian lol. i want to document everything not just the good but the bad as well. not some but all of life. so i don't care if you don't like orange julius . i like it! and i'm going to document it . and hey if a reader can relate to my love for the OJ then all the better but blogging shouldn't be for the readers all the time. it should be for you too. so don't be afraid of writing a straight post of "hate hatehate hatehate hatehate hatehate hate..." or whatever. nobody wants to read some site just about clothes and pictures and stuff we want the nitty gritty ! so hell yea check me drinking orange julius pina colada lol

mmmmmmm livin large folks thats what 10.29 an hour gets you.
that cup is as big as my face...


Flora said...

Jugo Juice is better.

Nah, OJ tastes better (and costs less) but only cuz they add emulsifiers and stuff!!! JJ doesn't even use sorbet, so it's only real-fruit-goodness. Dunno why I'm advertising, I don't even work there anymore.

Andehhh said...

My blog needs some of that "nitty gritty" I guess ahah...

and cosign on the almighty Orange Julius!

"If you like pina colada...and getting caught in the rain!"

joymoreno; said...

i love OJ!!!!!!!