Friday, September 12, 2008

sticker time muhahaha

so jeff gave me a bunch of stickers for his website
me being a sticker whore of a moderate to extreme level received them with great honor and responsibility. stickers are not just meant for sticker fights and putting on your entire body and pretending they're clothes. sticker placement is an art form unto itself. anyway i was glad to know they're the sort of water proof ones not the crappy paper ones that disintegrate. i stuck a few stickers here and there already

just ask me if you want some i took a fair size stack. i'm sure brian will want a bunch(don't worry brian you can have as many as you're little asian hands can carry.
i have a feeling this will be here for quite some time it's pretty hard to detect and if you see that sign in person you'll say how the heck did he get it up there?
by the way by showing these pictures it doesn't in anyway mean i put them there. i can just appreciate the skill and thought that has been put into their placement.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

haha let me know when you need more! love the photos - im mailing some out to people for $3 so hopefully they take pics of them all over the world