Monday, September 22, 2008

of human interactions no take backs.

girls are so difficult. it feels so hard to be a guy.
you know lots of girls complain about how some creep bugged them about phone numbers or msn or facebook or whatever. it's always the guy messing up! "oh he came on too strong" or "why didn't he say anything?" or " did he really just say that?"

but heres the reality check. it's the guy that has to do the approaching not the girl. it's the guy that has to initiate conversation.
and girls wonder why guys mess it up or have cheesy pick up lines. but if you flipped sides and suddenly the social norm was that females had to do the approaching things would be just as awkward.

i think there is credit deserved for an honest guy to just man up the courage to talk to a girl. sure you may say you'd rather most guys just didn't approach you at all.. but then what. are you gonna get frustrated when you send the guy you like mad love signals and he does nothing, YEA. the truth is yea a guy is gonna fumble a lot if hes an honest regular guy whos got a crush or whatever. and girls complain? let's see you do it!

i feel like a teenage girl talking about this stuff but i gotta get it off my chest cause it's bugging the hell outa me.

girls complain about guys hitting on them . dude.. i wish girls hit on me. it's so easy ! most girls keep it secret who they like. but guys are stupid and we got this social norm where we do the initiation. so if a guy likes you you know about it. but damn it girls keep you in the dark until the last second!

sigh. now i REALLY feel like a teenage girl.

i don't know why but i feel so trapped in by everything. i can't really spread my wings. how does this crazy world work anyways?? being single sucks. i almost feel it would have been easier to just have a messy ugly break up and never talk again. things wouldn't be as complicated with friendships and social life. i feel tied down by the past. when i should be free.
when will i be able to like someone again? will i be able to like someone.. i find it hard. i guess when you're in a relationship for a long time you build up a image of someone. then when you're not with them everyone else sorta pales by comparison
but this is life, and this is relationships.
i've been thinking about this stuff a lot.
i think i need more bro time too much time alone. should play video games or do light drawings lol.

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Jeff said...

yo man i had no idea you were flying solo now - sorry to hear that!

halo, cattan, building something, whatever, its on.