Monday, September 15, 2008


to me it's pretty funny when people ask me if i watch anime or read manga because i'm japanese.
i also find the average person thats all intense on my culture taking japanese lessons and learning their rudimentary japanese to be funny. like those hongers in my old japanese class. i mean yea i'm flattered you have love for my culture. but hell i have love for other cultures you don't see me going and bumb rushing french people! or black people! i also find it funny when people find out i'm japanese they ask me what i eat at home... like what are you expecting me to say?? "let's see well mondays i eat sushi, tuesdays is ramen night, wednesdays bento, then thursday is tempura.... "

gimme a break. i do however have a mutual respect for someone who actually knows stuff. like a while ago when i met this dude on the bus, and we talked about internment camps and japanese refugees.

so what am i getting to?? oh thats right once in a while i do eat a good home cooked japanese meal and it's neither normal nor impressive to me, to me it's just dinner. so quit your jibber jabber!
tonight i made real yaki soba if you want my recipe it's gonna cost ya.

and another thing i think that i will be taking a little break from blogging so here are a bunch of my recent favorite videos you would do well to watch them all!!!!!!! or else...


i like how in the middle the guys just start macking on random girls watching. something like that would never happen here.
you'd be like "heyyy" the girls would be like " like... ew!"

Hamakin - Yokohama Friday from hc100 on Vimeo.

i love these guys i wanna ride with them so bad.

sigh i think i was meant to be born in japan...

DAY OUT WITH THE OSAKA CREW from hc100 on Vimeo.

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joymoreno; said...

omg are you horny like all japanese people!?
HAHA totally kidding.
love you!!!! and can't wait for
common + N.E.R.D. tomorrow!!!!!