Saturday, May 31, 2008

strange day.

make that strange week in fact. lots of crazy stuff has happened this week. too much to recap, just read the posts. i can't remember if they're all about my bike or about other stuff as well? whatever.

so yesterday i was really sick. i got a pretty bad stomach ache in the morning so i called in to work sick. i just stayed home all day. sleeping and resting. then i got a head ache around noon and both things lasted until 3 am. which sucked cause i was so hungry. but i felt sick so i couldn't eat, and my head hurt too so i also couldn't sleep. laying there aching in pain and a cold sweat really made me think. it's so nice to have someone who will take care of you. no one took care of me. since I'm considered an adult in my household . they just offered advice and took guesses as to why i was sick. i wanted so badly to just recover right away so i could go to bar spins and baby jesus(ten's trick session) but my stomach wouldn't let up. while i was sick. i felt like everything was just a haze. my plan for that day was to be sick yea yada yada yada. then get better soon, not go to work! clean my room, then go to bs&bj, then go home and relax. i didn't think i was thaaat sick. anyways my plans were ruined. and all i could think of was how messy my room was, and how little i could do about it in my state. you see a small part of me believes in feng shui or however you say that. i think the source of all this mess and clutter stems from maybe one or two things being out of alignment. i know it's pretty crazy but it's sort of like how when you may have a page of math questions and they're all basic arithmetic except for one calculus question and you suddenly feel like putting it off. lol this entry has been one big digression hasn't it. there is a point to this rambling believe it or not. I'm trying to weed out the average skimmer who comes here and goes "yada yada yada sick yada yada messy room whoa big post not reading rest cya" to those of you loyal enough to read through my booby trap thank you. so for the past week janice and i have been on hiatus. we decided it'd be best if we were apart. janice didn't really have much of a choice though since i was the one who came up with this idea i was the one to largely implement it. janice and i have been through some rough patches before. and this one is no different from the others. I'm not mad at her for anything. and i hope shes not mad at me. i honestly think that this is for the best. we've been struggling with a lot of things lately. i think it's better to let her be alone then to be around my negativity and me taking her for granted. she doesn't deserve that. so rather then watch things shatter before my eyes i decided to save what love and friendship we have left. some how i thought separating would be the best way . i found myself constantly reassuring her everything would be fine. but would they? right now i don't know. i don't have the guts to call her and i don't know wether this is working. i don't want to call her and say i'm sorry this was a terrible idea lets get back together. i'm already blamed enough in this relationship for "being on the fence" i made my decision and i must stick to it and see it though. i don't know why i feel so strange. maybe it's because i want to talk to her. i know i can't cause the second i do i'll cave. i have to be strong right now. because this is for our own good. wether i like it or not i know it's for our own good. when you love something you can let it go. and when it comes back to you, you know it was meant to be.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

super jesus in hoko.

i've been wondering what are the rules on luggage and taking stuff on an airplane.
for my trip next year i definitely want to take my bike with me. so i've been thinking of ways to dis assemble it to transport it.
brian said i should take the whole thing apart and put it in suit cases. wheels included.. brian has obviously never built a wheel before. it' a valid idea though. so i am considering it. i saw this the other day on some guy's flicker.
wondering if you can actually do that and put it on the plane?? i would so do it even if it meant all i could bring is a back pack.

then theres this which is what most people do
i'm wondering how much it would cost to ship. or if i could take it on the plane at that size.

at any rate not taking my bike is not an option. if i take my bike all i have to do is buy a travelers map and i'll see the whole city.

Monday, May 26, 2008

money sucks

money sucks. couldn't i be paid in jelly beans or something i could barter with.
bills bills bills owe owe owe. i feel like just riding off into the sunset.

- medical bill: $126

-cell phone bill: $32x2

-new cell phone: $200

-owe dad: $100

-owe brian: $245+tshirt money

-owe super champion: $5

bike parts NEEDED:
new cog$38 new tire $28

my chain is beginning to eat into the spokes of my rear wheel. so i need a cog with a bigger lip to keep them from touching. need new tire for the simple fact that it's skidded out. now that i think about it even riding my bike costs money. so wether i take the bus or ride a bike theres still a fee. bikes take up keep. whatever riding a bike is much cheaper then taking the bus at a minimum of 20 a week as opposed to a max of 14 per week. riding is so much more fun. and plus i'm basically renting a ride when i transit. but i OWN a bike. when they start building all that crap transit wants to make, they're gonna hike the prices again. and when they start the carbon tax, gas prices are gonna sky rocket. meanwhile i'll be laughing my way to work.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

the race bug

bit me hard!

i just went to my first bike race. more of an underground death match type a deal.
it was a few laps of a crazy course they came up with near hot spot. it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!! i raced in the noobie category, i won my heat but i got third in the final.. it was intense though i fell and took a full tumble on my bike. the checkpoint guy was like "go this way! you're done!!! " and i was like screw that i had the lead! i'm not losing over this! i got back on and hammered the straight away and burned the guy that passed me. soo fun........ bike racing is what i've been looking for my whole life.. i won a beer in the end but said no thank you. since the guy holding the race let me join for free and i don't drinkinhymerz. but man o man was it ever a blast! now i'm lookin forward to the race on saturday! gotta switch up my setup for max speed lol. here are a few flicks i took on my phone there were like 30 maybe 40 people there on bikes.


Friday, May 23, 2008

my kit

after the whole walking home from burnaby mountain fiasco i assembled this kit of essential tools.
alright start taking notes adrian.
from left to right: my emergency patch kit, allen wrench tool, 15mm wrench, presta pump
my patch kit includes: one valve adapter, one master chain link, two tubes of patch glue, assorted size and shape patches, and sand paper, plus one 700c spare tire 18-23

never leave home without them.. ever ever again..
so thursdays ride was alright. i met up with ten and jessie at super champion odd coincidence.. ten cracked his vivalo..
which weighs about as much as a tin can. those things are ridiculous . and jessie is buying the disgusto njs red and black makino.
that thing is.. no words can describe how narly that bike is.. the digest of what we talked about was as follows: cool herc, COOL herc... harbor 5. ten is starting a ride for tricks and stuff called baby jesus and barspin. i wanted to go but work. ten bent a dura ace crankset fell and bent them back by accident. anyways chill day. i got it down to 11 today on the ride home not bad but no 8. i'll see what i can do.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

lesson learned..

so today after work i asked brian and chris if they wanted to go for a ride.
brian and i screwed around for a bit before we decided to get chris's wheel and fix it for him.
so soon after we were on our way up to burnaby mountain. and i got a punk-cha.
we stopped to patch it and continue. unfortunately my patch job was a bit hasty and of low quality...

so half way up burnaby mountain i had to turn back. my original plan was to fill the tire (since it was a slow leak) at the gas station. but it turned out i forgot the adapter. and my phone was dead, and i had no money on me. i had few options to chose from. so i started the long haul home. as i passed nappier on kensington i thought of ringing the Lu residence, and seeing if jay jay could give me a ride home. my legs were spaghetti by that point. but i was afraid jay jay wouldn't be home so i just continued my trek.

got home . dead tired. i worked all day took maybe a 5 minute break to drink juice and munch cake, then left for the ride. so i was pretty tired by this point. i must have rode at least 20 k today. whatever, this is the best part about life! the adventure! i learned a valuable lesson today. if you're a cyclist never leave home without the essential tools.

i'm a monster!

today after i got my new seat post. i went for a ride i think i finally de-virginized my bike. the other rides don't count.
i was a monster on that thing, passing cars left right and centre. i think i saw a few people check their speedometers and look at me like "wtf?" hahahahaha this is a good feeling. my ride home was pretty slow for some reason? but i'll get the kinks worked out and be running 8s everyday. i'm gonna make the combustion engine obsolete.

anyways about the seat post. i went in to sharpey's and the guy was like"... i can't believe we even sell those..." so he ended up giving me a seat post that cost three times what i paid. stoked! time to go break it and bring it back again . hahaha no but seriously i have two words for you NIGHT RIDE. i'm gone .

Monday, May 19, 2008

deep v elvs

these are so dooooope!!!
got the heads up from rory that these exist.
deep V's with reflective crystals painted on!
by day they're

but by night !!!!!!!!!

those are the same rims people no camera tricks here!! i'm not saying i'm gonna get them or anything i just think they're hella rad!

DONE SON!!!!!!!!!!!!

BASTARDS AT SHARPEY'S SOLD ME GARBAGE.. IT SAD CAUok thats enough of that it's toohard writing in all caps.
it's sad cause everything on my bike is sooo solid and smooth. and my seat post is wobbly and squeaky ...
but anyways without further a do i present to you
SUPER JESUS!!! enough of this computer crap i got a bike to ride.
oh by the way brian i'm gonna be working with my dad for a bit.

Friday, May 16, 2008

a bike so close...

i am literally dying inside. i'm sitting here writing this next to my 90% complete bike. and it's so close to being done that my tummy hurts!!!!!!!!!

so today i worked with my dad from 9 to 2. my dad payed me for this week, then once brian came i was off.
picked up my pay stub. withdrew all the money i could. and bought every part at super champion my little asian arms could carry. i made a few other stops ocb and ride on to pick up some nic nacs. man i scrambled home so fast it could have been a race.
as soon as i got through the door i began to rip into the packaging of my new parts. connecting side A to side B etc etc. . .
and at the end of it i was left with one dirty-greasy japanese guy, some packaging and this...


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lazy dayz

so for monday all i did was take naps, eat snacks, and look at fancy bikes. it was pretty nice.
i miss that feeling of just lying around doing nothing not a care in the world.
but now even if i just lay there i still have responsibilities. if only i could go back to those days of being a kid.
getting older and having more responsibilities can become a bit taxing at times. and i wish i could just take a time out once in a while. but this world waits for no one. responsibility's like a one way street. you can go forward but you can't go back. life should have this warning label on it or something " danger may cause people to look up to you! and more self reliance, and no more people bailing you out instead you must do the bailing. and may cause mental fatigue and sleepiness !! "

i wonder if adults ever have these moments of 'crap.. why can't i just go play with my legos..'

but then again i lead a pretty easy going life. and i can't complain about much. not going to school definitely gives me spare time to dabble in a variety of things. two jobs a girlfriend and bills to pay can certainly make you feel responsible though. i think where i'm going with this is i think i'm ready for independence, wether i like it or not. the way i've been raised and the way i live. i am about ready to leave the nest. i'm thinking about finding a place. at the same time i'm thinking if i go to school it would be best to just live at home. i'm pretty sure thats what my parents want. sigh. . live it up kids. cause one day you're complaining about mrs davies and the next you're all grown up with two jobs a girlfriend and bills to pay.

this is key i think. kids try so hard to be grown up. when whats the point really.? you get this one opportunity in your life to pretty much get away with anything. and you act like you're an adult? thats stupid. like how people made fun of me for writing in the yearbook about janice and stuff that happened. well guess what, in a few years from now when we look back at what we wrote and you're working your crappy 9 to 5 with your suit and tie. would you wanna look back and say "wow! i was so wise and profound..." or would you rather laugh at yourself and bring back memories. people are so up tight these days.
a wise person once said "take chances, get messy, make mistakes!!" - ms frizzle.

Monday, May 12, 2008


the next bootleg sessions is done!!! not every fixed gear rider is into this aspect of riding,
and thats fine by me. i just like tricks cause if i ride i want to know that i don't just ride to look cool i ride cause i am goooood.

"Bootleg Sessions v.2" Fixed Gear DVD Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

ryan loves craigslist

so i was snooping around the ole craigslist bikes section and stumbled upon this
craigslist is great. how else do you connect so many buyers and sellers for free?!?
i obviously i didn't think twice i just ran down there checked thems wheels out and bought em!
now the proud owner of spinergy revx 650c's WOOOOOT!!!
my bike pile is growing


i'm so stoked to have these wheels even though i'm just gonna use the front. it's still a steal at that price. considering these go for 425 regular price. woohooo


i can't sleep , but i'm not totally awake.
i was under the impression that as soon as i got home i'd fall asleep. i worked all day then battled and now i'm still awake.
kinda doesn't make sense. so tired.
can't sleep ugh..

the battle went bad.. i looked at my footage. so short. i was way too nervous my set turned out to be like 5 seconds..
so back to the labs. on the agenda a growth in footwork vocab, cleaner steps and faster pace. i also need to make more stuff to add to my sets . the vidoe of chris and i is on my fb so check it if you must. hah stalkers get the boot

Saturday, May 10, 2008

at this after work cya

Friday, May 9, 2008

flyday fly lice

lots on the agenda for today.

-get new pants and hat (livestock/AA)

- get bike parts

- go to practise

-go to fellowship

-go home relax and write about how today went.

update: so that was a big failure. on the list all i did was practise.
today was just a crumby day from the get go.

ever have one of those days where everything hinges on one small detail? and if something happens and you have to cancel or detour from the plan it messes up your whole day? yea. one of those. i guess 99% of that heavily relies on your attitude. well call me a pessimist cause thats what happened. i don't know what is the advantage of being this way? it feels like some sort of deep deep human thing. i hate that it bothers me so much. maybe it's that i couldn't get my stuff. me being a materialistic bastard, that could definitely effect my mood. someone once wrote "to not forgive is to be trapped by the past" is there someone i need to forgive? janice maybe? nah i'm not mad at her for not going with me. if not then what is it?

i think my life is just really unbalanced at the moment. i need to re-prioritize my life. maybe thats why my rooms such a dump. the unbalance. or maybe i'm just a lazy bastard? why do i call everything bastards? probably ld..
how do i regain balance. i can start by forcing myself to clean my freaking dump of a room. feng shui that shiii
my inner chi will grow yes!. i'll tell you how that goes. lots of questions to answer give them a wack if you're up for some stimulating conversation.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday boredsday

so finished work with my pops man this set up is perfect.
before just working at ld i was barely getting by paycheck to paycheck. but working with my dad for 12.50 an hour is great.
for one thing it's outdoors a complete ying to the yang of london-drugs-cement-basement-where-i-smash-boxes-with-sledge-hammers... the pay is better and the breaks are better. screw your stupid two 30s one payed one not. i take 45 for lunch and take a nap. plus my dad doesn't care what i do as long as i get the job done. *me doing elbow tracks on the grass*"hey... make sure you cut the edges" *balancing on elbow* "okay"

anyways it's a perfect set up i have plenty of cash for the week and some to spare.

sunny weathers good, the sun coming out more has really put the fire under my ass to get my bike done. i'd say i have about 45% of the parts i need, with 20% of the work done. this is what i've got so far


sigh.. wish i had it today. i keep looking at hills and banks and ledges thinking "i would so bomb that!" or "i'd get like 2 feet of air off of that" or "i could crash offa that"

alas no super jesus yet just dreams and fantasies.

and another thing!i read everyones latest post all i can say is time to up your game..

Monday, May 5, 2008

new bike parts!!!!

so i can talk about my bike again since me and the little death wish kid came to an agreement.
today i got some new bike parts. i can now cross toshi doubles off my big ticket list.
i got the straps, my riser bars, a frog, and a seatpost clamp .
finished putting my pedal set up together.. it looks scary . my bike is a beast already and all i have are the pedals!
the straps wouldn't fit at first (too fat) so a little customization was other words i filed that piece of metal into submission . end result :
one one off pedal set . and one arthritis hand

bike soon i can taste it. now to go repair chris's bike so i can thrash it again.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

sheesh. this life thing is hard!

past few weeks i've been working crazy hours. the only day i sleep in is friday. i've been working in the morning with my dad then working nights at LD. sundays got church this means no sleep for ryan. i'm tryna save up some coin for a trip. where to? who knows. i'm just looking for adventure. i've been thinking about that a lot lately. how nice it would be to just escape. go live somewhere new maybe find a job to sustain living there. but where to??
New York City
Taj Mahal, Agra, India

lol those are just the pictures that came up when i typed in names i don't plan on living and working in the taj mahal.
lifes to short to spend stuck in traffic.

and no more posts about my bike projects or my super jesus. theres a stupid little chinese kid out there eating up every bit thinking he can build one and just ride. THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL ON HOW TO KILL YOURSELF!

if you want details on my bike just ask me