Tuesday, May 27, 2008

super jesus in hoko.

i've been wondering what are the rules on luggage and taking stuff on an airplane.
for my trip next year i definitely want to take my bike with me. so i've been thinking of ways to dis assemble it to transport it.
brian said i should take the whole thing apart and put it in suit cases. wheels included.. brian has obviously never built a wheel before. it' a valid idea though. so i am considering it. i saw this the other day on some guy's flicker.
wondering if you can actually do that and put it on the plane?? i would so do it even if it meant all i could bring is a back pack.

then theres this which is what most people do
i'm wondering how much it would cost to ship. or if i could take it on the plane at that size.

at any rate not taking my bike is not an option. if i take my bike all i have to do is buy a travelers map and i'll see the whole city.


vuudoo said...

build a raft, and tie it to a seaturtle and train it to meet you at the shores of hong kong.

adrian said...

you're going to hoko? lol i'd like to bring my bike there sometime in the future too, but then hoko drivers are crazy =/

rye said...

hoko drivers are crazy? good! then maybe it'll be an even match