Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lazy dayz

so for monday all i did was take naps, eat snacks, and look at fancy bikes. it was pretty nice.
i miss that feeling of just lying around doing nothing not a care in the world.
but now even if i just lay there i still have responsibilities. if only i could go back to those days of being a kid.
getting older and having more responsibilities can become a bit taxing at times. and i wish i could just take a time out once in a while. but this world waits for no one. responsibility's like a one way street. you can go forward but you can't go back. life should have this warning label on it or something " danger may cause people to look up to you! and more self reliance, and no more people bailing you out instead you must do the bailing. and may cause mental fatigue and sleepiness !! "

i wonder if adults ever have these moments of 'crap.. why can't i just go play with my legos..'

but then again i lead a pretty easy going life. and i can't complain about much. not going to school definitely gives me spare time to dabble in a variety of things. two jobs a girlfriend and bills to pay can certainly make you feel responsible though. i think where i'm going with this is i think i'm ready for independence, wether i like it or not. the way i've been raised and the way i live. i am about ready to leave the nest. i'm thinking about finding a place. at the same time i'm thinking if i go to school it would be best to just live at home. i'm pretty sure thats what my parents want. sigh. . live it up kids. cause one day you're complaining about mrs davies and the next you're all grown up with two jobs a girlfriend and bills to pay.

this is key i think. kids try so hard to be grown up. when whats the point really.? you get this one opportunity in your life to pretty much get away with anything. and you act like you're an adult? thats stupid. like how people made fun of me for writing in the yearbook about janice and stuff that happened. well guess what, in a few years from now when we look back at what we wrote and you're working your crappy 9 to 5 with your suit and tie. would you wanna look back and say "wow! i was so wise and profound..." or would you rather laugh at yourself and bring back memories. people are so up tight these days.
a wise person once said "take chances, get messy, make mistakes!!" - ms frizzle.


Flora said...

lol well most of the time you ARE very wise and profound on your blog. your life philosophy and all. I feel like my blog is a little kid next to yours =P

Jay said...

you are bang-on here ryan. The earlier kids learn these lessons, the better of they'll be when they become an adult. Can you imagine making the same mistakes you did when you were in highschool when your out here in the working world? You'd be absolutely fucked!

Kids are stupid- because they are stupid they make mistakes and gain that experience. Being super super careful and "grown up" because as a kid, we view adults as somewhat perfect, and they know all the answers. Am i right? I always thought my parents were ALWAYS right and knew everything, and thats i think thats an incorrect way if thats the way you view it. Even now, I don't know everything, and the things I know, i'm not sure i know is 100% true.

nice post ryan

earl the pearl said...

words from the wise, can i be your roomate. I wanna get outta surrey.

rye said...

hahaha thanks flora. but you should scroll down a bit further where i said something like WOOOOT SPINERGYS!!!

Jay said...

Wear sunscreen