Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday boredsday

so finished work with my pops man this set up is perfect.
before just working at ld i was barely getting by paycheck to paycheck. but working with my dad for 12.50 an hour is great.
for one thing it's outdoors a complete ying to the yang of london-drugs-cement-basement-where-i-smash-boxes-with-sledge-hammers... the pay is better and the breaks are better. screw your stupid two 30s one payed one not. i take 45 for lunch and take a nap. plus my dad doesn't care what i do as long as i get the job done. *me doing elbow tracks on the grass*"hey... make sure you cut the edges" *balancing on elbow* "okay"

anyways it's a perfect set up i have plenty of cash for the week and some to spare.

sunny weathers good, the sun coming out more has really put the fire under my ass to get my bike done. i'd say i have about 45% of the parts i need, with 20% of the work done. this is what i've got so far


sigh.. wish i had it today. i keep looking at hills and banks and ledges thinking "i would so bomb that!" or "i'd get like 2 feet of air off of that" or "i could crash offa that"

alas no super jesus yet just dreams and fantasies.

and another thing!i read everyones latest post all i can say is time to up your game..


adrian said...

yea it's a good quote haha
and sweet frame, saw one of them on the streets today. also I'm finished my bike now.. got the "ghetto" clips/straps from sc today lol

vuudoo said...

uhg, life > blog.

but life = blog... strange