Wednesday, May 21, 2008

lesson learned..

so today after work i asked brian and chris if they wanted to go for a ride.
brian and i screwed around for a bit before we decided to get chris's wheel and fix it for him.
so soon after we were on our way up to burnaby mountain. and i got a punk-cha.
we stopped to patch it and continue. unfortunately my patch job was a bit hasty and of low quality...

so half way up burnaby mountain i had to turn back. my original plan was to fill the tire (since it was a slow leak) at the gas station. but it turned out i forgot the adapter. and my phone was dead, and i had no money on me. i had few options to chose from. so i started the long haul home. as i passed nappier on kensington i thought of ringing the Lu residence, and seeing if jay jay could give me a ride home. my legs were spaghetti by that point. but i was afraid jay jay wouldn't be home so i just continued my trek.

got home . dead tired. i worked all day took maybe a 5 minute break to drink juice and munch cake, then left for the ride. so i was pretty tired by this point. i must have rode at least 20 k today. whatever, this is the best part about life! the adventure! i learned a valuable lesson today. if you're a cyclist never leave home without the essential tools.

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Jay said...

aiyaaaaaaaaa! I was home from 6:00pm-7:00pm. i'm not sure what time you passed by.. too bad your cellphone was dead. Recharge that biatch- i woulda picked u up from bcit lol. walking blows.