Monday, May 26, 2008

money sucks

money sucks. couldn't i be paid in jelly beans or something i could barter with.
bills bills bills owe owe owe. i feel like just riding off into the sunset.

- medical bill: $126

-cell phone bill: $32x2

-new cell phone: $200

-owe dad: $100

-owe brian: $245+tshirt money

-owe super champion: $5

bike parts NEEDED:
new cog$38 new tire $28

my chain is beginning to eat into the spokes of my rear wheel. so i need a cog with a bigger lip to keep them from touching. need new tire for the simple fact that it's skidded out. now that i think about it even riding my bike costs money. so wether i take the bus or ride a bike theres still a fee. bikes take up keep. whatever riding a bike is much cheaper then taking the bus at a minimum of 20 a week as opposed to a max of 14 per week. riding is so much more fun. and plus i'm basically renting a ride when i transit. but i OWN a bike. when they start building all that crap transit wants to make, they're gonna hike the prices again. and when they start the carbon tax, gas prices are gonna sky rocket. meanwhile i'll be laughing my way to work.

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Jay said...

i'll be laughing too! shicka-shickaaaa