Monday, May 5, 2008

new bike parts!!!!

so i can talk about my bike again since me and the little death wish kid came to an agreement.
today i got some new bike parts. i can now cross toshi doubles off my big ticket list.
i got the straps, my riser bars, a frog, and a seatpost clamp .
finished putting my pedal set up together.. it looks scary . my bike is a beast already and all i have are the pedals!
the straps wouldn't fit at first (too fat) so a little customization was other words i filed that piece of metal into submission . end result :
one one off pedal set . and one arthritis hand

bike soon i can taste it. now to go repair chris's bike so i can thrash it again.


vuudoo said...

why the heck would you need an amphibian for your bike? haha

jude wong said...

i'm blogging again. but i suck at this.. i don't even know how to add you as a friend =[
nice bike parts!! i can't wait to bike with u!!