Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i'm a monster!

today after i got my new seat post. i went for a ride i think i finally de-virginized my bike. the other rides don't count.
i was a monster on that thing, passing cars left right and centre. i think i saw a few people check their speedometers and look at me like "wtf?" hahahahaha this is a good feeling. my ride home was pretty slow for some reason? but i'll get the kinks worked out and be running 8s everyday. i'm gonna make the combustion engine obsolete.

anyways about the seat post. i went in to sharpey's and the guy was like"... i can't believe we even sell those..." so he ended up giving me a seat post that cost three times what i paid. stoked! time to go break it and bring it back again . hahaha no but seriously i have two words for you NIGHT RIDE. i'm gone .


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damn you speed racer