Friday, May 23, 2008

my kit

after the whole walking home from burnaby mountain fiasco i assembled this kit of essential tools.
alright start taking notes adrian.
from left to right: my emergency patch kit, allen wrench tool, 15mm wrench, presta pump
my patch kit includes: one valve adapter, one master chain link, two tubes of patch glue, assorted size and shape patches, and sand paper, plus one 700c spare tire 18-23

never leave home without them.. ever ever again..
so thursdays ride was alright. i met up with ten and jessie at super champion odd coincidence.. ten cracked his vivalo..
which weighs about as much as a tin can. those things are ridiculous . and jessie is buying the disgusto njs red and black makino.
that thing is.. no words can describe how narly that bike is.. the digest of what we talked about was as follows: cool herc, COOL herc... harbor 5. ten is starting a ride for tricks and stuff called baby jesus and barspin. i wanted to go but work. ten bent a dura ace crankset fell and bent them back by accident. anyways chill day. i got it down to 11 today on the ride home not bad but no 8. i'll see what i can do.

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adrian said...

i need patches.. if i ever popped a tube i'd be done for haha