Friday, May 9, 2008

flyday fly lice

lots on the agenda for today.

-get new pants and hat (livestock/AA)

- get bike parts

- go to practise

-go to fellowship

-go home relax and write about how today went.

update: so that was a big failure. on the list all i did was practise.
today was just a crumby day from the get go.

ever have one of those days where everything hinges on one small detail? and if something happens and you have to cancel or detour from the plan it messes up your whole day? yea. one of those. i guess 99% of that heavily relies on your attitude. well call me a pessimist cause thats what happened. i don't know what is the advantage of being this way? it feels like some sort of deep deep human thing. i hate that it bothers me so much. maybe it's that i couldn't get my stuff. me being a materialistic bastard, that could definitely effect my mood. someone once wrote "to not forgive is to be trapped by the past" is there someone i need to forgive? janice maybe? nah i'm not mad at her for not going with me. if not then what is it?

i think my life is just really unbalanced at the moment. i need to re-prioritize my life. maybe thats why my rooms such a dump. the unbalance. or maybe i'm just a lazy bastard? why do i call everything bastards? probably ld..
how do i regain balance. i can start by forcing myself to clean my freaking dump of a room. feng shui that shiii
my inner chi will grow yes!. i'll tell you how that goes. lots of questions to answer give them a wack if you're up for some stimulating conversation.


vuudoo said...

my own saying to your situation, and also partly my way of life,

"a clean room, equals a clean mind"

don't ask why, where, or how, just clean.

Jay said...

I would refocus.. find somewhere quiet.. maybe out in nature, and really think. What is important to you. How do you want to see yourself in the future (may it be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years down the road), and figure out what is going on now that is hindering you from accomplishing all things that you want.

It helps put things in prespective, and if anything you'll gain a sense of awareness about yourself.