Sunday, April 27, 2008

cell phone death rattle

so my phone has finally bleeped its last bleep.
i turned it on and off then suddenly it just stopped working and all it did was flash it's blue lights at me.
it's pretty depressing considering i've only had it about two months.. a 300 dollar phone that was supposed to last me three years gone in under two. now i am screwed paying 37 dollars a month on nothing.. and if i do get a phone it just hits my pocket even more. need to pay brian, plus medical bill, plus bike parts, plus buy earl birthday hub... i'm hating money right now.
i almost feel desperate enough to rob a bank.
it's no wonder the only place i've been shopping at is value village... i don't think i've bought any new clothes since...? when was the last time i bought new clothes/shoes?
i think it's time i start pawning my valuables which item first?

seriously if i don't get a phone my plan goes to waste
if i do the phone i get will still cost $$$
if i cancel my plan they still charge me a cancelation fee of 20 dollars a month for the remaining months. 34 x 20= that is not an option..

man.. money always gets you down. if only money was more cheerful or funny so it could make you smile. like maybe if currency was candies or gummy worms

Friday, April 25, 2008

it's decided must learn acoustic to up my janice flattering game nuff said.

so it's been brought to my attention that this guitar ambition is reminiscent of a little filipino friend.
well wtf... so now everything that earl does is automatically a bite then? i guess i won't wear pumas anymore, or skinny jeans cause yea earl does that. or maybe now that earl has a road bike i should stop that too cause yea that'd be gay.

the only reason i got this idea was because and maybe some of you don't know this but my relationship with janice has sort of been on the rocks. and lately i find it hard to tell her how i feel without being called a liar in her head. so i was surfing pages and found this guy and his sound and lyrics pretty much capture the things i need to tell janice. it's been difficult to communicate i just figured learning acoustic guitar and eventually singing to her would shake things up. if she didn't believe my lyrics then she could at least admire the fact that i went to all the trouble of countless hours mastering an instrument (which i hate by the way. nothing personal i just hate all instruments.) just to tell her my feelings .

but yea i guess earl is the reason why. you know, i shouldn't have to justify anything. but it's a little late for that

epiphany .

something i just realized about myself: i really don't like spoiled kids.

kids that get whatever they ask for from mommy or daddy. even kids that don't know they're spoiled. which in a way are worse. cause they don't even know the displeasure of not getting what they ask for. kids that get money just shoved in their pockets.
man i have bills to pay, food to buy and make, but i can handle this stuff. lets see one of those spoiled princes or princesses fend for them selves without that unlimited source of money know as parents.

it really suddenly struck me. i respect people that can build what they need with their own two hands. my life has given me that gift. i remember wanting things and imagining them and instead of asking i'd build them or work towards them. cause as far back as i remember i've had a job . since i was 6 i had a paper route. then at 12 i worked with my dad now i have a job. i never got that handout stuff i got what i worked for. and that has taught me the value of money. not the market value not the street value not even the bang for your buck value. but the blood sweat and tears value. something that costs 80 dollars is 10! hours of work gone in less then 10! seconds.

so my church friends say come on! lets go eat! come on it's not that much. but you know what? screw them! they get money from mommy and daddy... YOU KNOW WHERE MY MONEY COMES FROM?!?!?! me ! so screw you when you say "come on!" cause i know the meaning of value. you! you just started working the past few years of your life. try 14 years then tell me if you feel the same way.

the same people pressured me into getting a cell phone they'd be like" when. are. you. going. to get a cell phone already!!?"
and i'd just be like "i dunno... cell phone? do i really need one?" they all have cell phones cause their parents bought them. when i get a cell phone it's with MY money! contract signed with MY blood. don't bs me with that crap about get a cell phone .

sigh this has turned from an epiphany to a rant. much apologies. much love. peace and unity

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

good bye first cell phone.

so my phone is toast. or is soggy more suitable? either way that thing is done.
my mom came up the stairs angry about something

mom: " your cellphone got washed!!!"
me:"o......... dang.. how?"
mom:"it was in that jacket!!!!"
me:"but i specifically told you NOT to wash that...?"

so basically my mom washed my phone. from the convo you can see my pacifism at it's finest. thats actually how i reacted.
partly because i was sort of relieved to be rid of that demon technology! just try and contact me now BEACHAS!! hahahaha
but anyways i did for sure tell my mom not to wash it but she wasn't listening and i'm partly to blame cause i took the laundry basket downstairs without realizing it was buried somewhere beneath. meh, who cares phone no phone all the same to me. However, what i am pissed off about is that my notepad that brian gave me has imploded and soaked up what must be at least a liter of water. i had a lot of stuff written in there!!! not to mention precious precious drawings and doodles of dumplings and stuff!

sighhhh... life goes on.

in other news earls party was crazy.. literally some stupid drunk girl knocked the cake out of my hands and that pretty much ruined it for me. i didn't really go to be surrounded by drunk people or to meet girls... i just wanted to show some love for my little filipino friend. mission success.

ugh back to room cleaning peace love and unity

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i thought since lately my posts haven't had much substance i'll bring back the music player so you can at least hear some good tunes


just finished watching mash sf ... dang it's fricken sick! it gets your heart pounding just watching these guys. it's hands down better then bootleg sessions now i want a copy of the actual dvd!!! here watch the trailer

they have some sick rides too

Sunday, April 20, 2008

little bro...

sigh... i just watched the video i made for terence again. now that i think about it it's only been like one month. man i miss that kid.
i must admit i'm pretty jealous of the people that get to go over to hoko to visit him. i just wanna give the kid a headlock and give him noogies until his heads bald. then make him do pushups and gossip about hoko girls. sigh

Friday, April 18, 2008


so today i will be picking up my new frame i just wanted to make a note of the other big ticket parts i still need to get
sugino black crank
sugino 75 black $250 or:
sugino messenger crankset $120
dia compe track hubs black $218 according to tyler "the poor mans phills"
shimano 105 headset black $65
toshi doubles black $105
checklist for friday:

pay medical bill...

pay cell phone bill all 93 dollars!!!

if enough money left over get my frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so far i have gathered a mish mash of parts for my new bike here and there. i have plastic toe clips(superchampion) carbon fiber seat post(weird local bike store15 bones!) axiom race seat (10 bucks some lady of craigslist) black bmx grips(weird local bike store) bar ends (weird local bike store) sylvan steam 2 street track pedals(super champion) i can't wait to start putting this bad boy together!!! yes yes live!!! my wonderous creation SUPER JESUS!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


next up on the ole project block is chris's bike or my temporary ride. pics and parts soon gotta eat gotta work peace........

Monday, April 14, 2008


damn piece of trash stupid no good garbage dumb ass retard crap smelly junkkkk i hate taxes!! i hate the man!!
i don't care what the bible says about obeying the government.. the government SUCKS BALLS!!
seriously i hate the man.. police, boss, government, school system ^@#%*@&&^$(@*^&$*@&^&*!(&^*(&^!\

anyways just had to get that out of my system. today i just started to try and file my tax return. it... is... death...
the forms are written in a what can only be seen as a different language. the forms book is actually only forms in book form...
and the book that explains how to do this is 99% retard. it is about "your spouses net income... new home... what if you owe greater then the balance...etcetc" i'm so frustrated that to get my money back i have to do this impossible form and crap. something gives me the feeling that the government does this on purpose just so idiots like me never get their money back those evil bastards!!!i'm gonna use my forms as toilet paper before i send them in freakin nazis..

if you didn't get any of that. in a nutshell I HATE TAXES!

Friday, April 11, 2008

i wish i lived next door to this guy... so i could just lay there and listen to him jam

Sunday, April 6, 2008


i've been missing my bike so much! it's so weird i feel like there is all this crazy crap in my life, and my bike is the only thing that makes sense. it brings clarity to my drear and toil of work. after a long day of cheap old ladies, deranged crackheads and boss spitting in your face... riding my bike home is the freaking zen to my chaos. and on boring days like today going for a ride skidding like theres no tomorrow that is the realness! not this bs about paying bills and going to work. MY BIKE I WANT MY BIKE!! i feel naked without a bike.

cause when you have a bike you have a ride. no asking parents "can i go here?" "can i get a lift to here" and their witty remarks about two legs use em. well damn it! i would if i had my bike! when you have a ride you do whatever you wanna do. cruise, chill, go out. man i miss the feeling soo much. especially my fg dang. cause when you ride fixed the bike is basically an extension of you. it becomes part of you. no brakes. responds to whatever your brain wills it, not the brake lever.

i think i'm gonna go cry and look at the parts i have so far.

end of emo bike rant.
little lesson on john

yo, so i recently happened upon this really inspiring story. about a skateboarder named john cardiel.
basically john was a walking living breathing legend, and still is. i watched some clips of him and hell yes he does stuff i've only seen done in video games... i'm not exaggerating at all this guy is no joke.
this is him:

basically a little more then a year ago john was involved in an accident which made him paralyzed from the waist down.
doctors told him he'd never walk none the less skate again. flash forward to today. john has proved the doctors wrong and is walking and skating not back to 100% but hes not slowing down.


i was just so impressed by his resilience. i mean who has the balls to get up from being paralyzed and say yea thats your opinion this is mine and go ride a freaking skateboard... i don't know what i would do if i was faced with something like that in my life. but i'd hope to be like this guy

Thursday, April 3, 2008

93 dollars!!!!!!!!

i just got a 93 dollar cell phone bill from fido!!! this is crazy i knew cell phones were evil!
at this rate earl's bike is gonna be done before mine!