Wednesday, April 23, 2008

good bye first cell phone.

so my phone is toast. or is soggy more suitable? either way that thing is done.
my mom came up the stairs angry about something

mom: " your cellphone got washed!!!"
me:"o......... dang.. how?"
mom:"it was in that jacket!!!!"
me:"but i specifically told you NOT to wash that...?"

so basically my mom washed my phone. from the convo you can see my pacifism at it's finest. thats actually how i reacted.
partly because i was sort of relieved to be rid of that demon technology! just try and contact me now BEACHAS!! hahahaha
but anyways i did for sure tell my mom not to wash it but she wasn't listening and i'm partly to blame cause i took the laundry basket downstairs without realizing it was buried somewhere beneath. meh, who cares phone no phone all the same to me. However, what i am pissed off about is that my notepad that brian gave me has imploded and soaked up what must be at least a liter of water. i had a lot of stuff written in there!!! not to mention precious precious drawings and doodles of dumplings and stuff!

sighhhh... life goes on.

in other news earls party was crazy.. literally some stupid drunk girl knocked the cake out of my hands and that pretty much ruined it for me. i didn't really go to be surrounded by drunk people or to meet girls... i just wanted to show some love for my little filipino friend. mission success.

ugh back to room cleaning peace love and unity


vuudoo said...

i wanted to go!!!


Andehhh said...

haha this kinda contrasts with my post yesterday...i remember leaving my pokemon cards in my pants and washing those...sad stuff lol...

you know about your notepad of drawings and such, consider it a blessing! its a sign to start fresh and to bring in new ideas! and i agree life does go on Rye haha (as my LG "Lifes Good" phone has told me lol)...