Friday, April 25, 2008

it's decided must learn acoustic to up my janice flattering game nuff said.

so it's been brought to my attention that this guitar ambition is reminiscent of a little filipino friend.
well wtf... so now everything that earl does is automatically a bite then? i guess i won't wear pumas anymore, or skinny jeans cause yea earl does that. or maybe now that earl has a road bike i should stop that too cause yea that'd be gay.

the only reason i got this idea was because and maybe some of you don't know this but my relationship with janice has sort of been on the rocks. and lately i find it hard to tell her how i feel without being called a liar in her head. so i was surfing pages and found this guy and his sound and lyrics pretty much capture the things i need to tell janice. it's been difficult to communicate i just figured learning acoustic guitar and eventually singing to her would shake things up. if she didn't believe my lyrics then she could at least admire the fact that i went to all the trouble of countless hours mastering an instrument (which i hate by the way. nothing personal i just hate all instruments.) just to tell her my feelings .

but yea i guess earl is the reason why. you know, i shouldn't have to justify anything. but it's a little late for that


vuudoo said...

you ain't no earl.
and you were not at bboy today.

vuudoo said...


vuudoo said...

sorry bro, i'm a grumpster lately.
nothing wrong with earl. i thought you just wanted to pick up playing acoustic, i completely missed the apologetic part.

even so, inspiration is always welcome. i'd be bitting you by the chunks if it was put on that level.

Jay said...

u can pick up a cheap accoustic on craigslist! i'm pretty sureeee.

earl the pearl said...

dang i never knew you mentioned me in this. I'll teach you how to play and once my bike is up you have to give me the 101.