Sunday, April 6, 2008


i've been missing my bike so much! it's so weird i feel like there is all this crazy crap in my life, and my bike is the only thing that makes sense. it brings clarity to my drear and toil of work. after a long day of cheap old ladies, deranged crackheads and boss spitting in your face... riding my bike home is the freaking zen to my chaos. and on boring days like today going for a ride skidding like theres no tomorrow that is the realness! not this bs about paying bills and going to work. MY BIKE I WANT MY BIKE!! i feel naked without a bike.

cause when you have a bike you have a ride. no asking parents "can i go here?" "can i get a lift to here" and their witty remarks about two legs use em. well damn it! i would if i had my bike! when you have a ride you do whatever you wanna do. cruise, chill, go out. man i miss the feeling soo much. especially my fg dang. cause when you ride fixed the bike is basically an extension of you. it becomes part of you. no brakes. responds to whatever your brain wills it, not the brake lever.

i think i'm gonna go cry and look at the parts i have so far.

end of emo bike rant.


terepod said...

hey we're both emo

you can use my bike. it's in my backyard

vuudoo said...

nice site revamp.

soon bro. soooon.