Sunday, April 27, 2008

cell phone death rattle

so my phone has finally bleeped its last bleep.
i turned it on and off then suddenly it just stopped working and all it did was flash it's blue lights at me.
it's pretty depressing considering i've only had it about two months.. a 300 dollar phone that was supposed to last me three years gone in under two. now i am screwed paying 37 dollars a month on nothing.. and if i do get a phone it just hits my pocket even more. need to pay brian, plus medical bill, plus bike parts, plus buy earl birthday hub... i'm hating money right now.
i almost feel desperate enough to rob a bank.
it's no wonder the only place i've been shopping at is value village... i don't think i've bought any new clothes since...? when was the last time i bought new clothes/shoes?
i think it's time i start pawning my valuables which item first?

seriously if i don't get a phone my plan goes to waste
if i do the phone i get will still cost $$$
if i cancel my plan they still charge me a cancelation fee of 20 dollars a month for the remaining months. 34 x 20= that is not an option..

man.. money always gets you down. if only money was more cheerful or funny so it could make you smile. like maybe if currency was candies or gummy worms


Jay said...

at least canadian money is colourful :)

adrian said...

both cranks are sugino. guess I could've used the other ones with the smaller bolts/nuts (which I had), but then I would have to use the smaller chainring (40 tooth). my 42 or 48 chainring wouldn't fit since the holes on them are too big..
also 42 gives me more skid patches since my back cog is a 16 tooth. meh..

by the way, I never knew the cell phone cancellation fee cost that much! $680 for the remaining months.. man =/

Andehhh said...

ehh C.R.E.A.M. eh buddy? It makes the world sad, gloomy, the same time happy, resourceful and efficient lol.

Yeah those cellphone contracts are crapp. Unless they include full warranty coverage for the full years(even with water damage) then I don't think signing a 3 year or even 2 year contracts are ever justifiable.

However, the death of your phone gave birth to another one so thanks Rye for that!

(ps. Craigslist for a cheap $15 phone homie)

vuudoo said...

hang in there bro