Tuesday, April 26, 2011

fuck you brendan.

i've been thinking about this for a while and it pisses me off.

first a little background: this guy brendan lent me his bike when i went to toronto. to make a long story short i was a retard couldn't return his bike in time before i left for home and my friend had to return it for me. later i found out i had damaged his grip tape when i took a corner too sharp. needless to say brendan was angry. since then i've apologized numerous times and bought new grip tape which he refuses to accept... that toronto trip was a year ago and he still holds a grudge against me.

i guess this is fine. i mean i can accept the fact that he may never forgive me i can even accept that he will turn people against me.. what i can't accept is anyone calling me a spoiled brat! FUCK YOU IF YOU THINK I'M A SPOILED BRAT! what the fuck do you know about my life you shit brain.. because i live with my parents and grew up in burnaby i don't know anything about a hard life?... fuck you brendan.. i put two and two together, brendan the same guy who constantly tried to sell me his expensive bike frames like i have money... this retard thinks i live in the deep pockets of mommy and daddy-la and lay back all day and get a big fat allowance even into my twenties.. he thinks i'm like every other asian kid who gets a car when they get their license and hundred bucks for every "A" on my report card... fuck you brendan. i'm sure your life has been tougher than mine but don't fucking ride through my neighbourhood and suddenly think you know everything about my life!!!

yea sure i live with my parents.. but thats where the luxury ends. i pay for groceries i pay for everything i have i wash my shit i pay for everything!!!.. i've had a job since i was 11... if i have anything nice it's because i earned it with my blood my sweat and my tears. no one ever drove me to school .. i've always lived a mile away. when i was 7 that shit took me an hour each day.. in the rain and the snow.. i'd see kids walk to school with their older brothers or sisters or parents. don't fucking assume i'm like every other asian.... my dad fucking cuts grass for a living... my mom works at sears for fucks sake!!! how rich could i possibly be?!

i'm sorry i wrecked your grip tape i really am. i'm sorry i inconvenienced you for that month. i'm sorry i borrowed your bike at all.. if i could i'd let you throw my bike under a bus if it made you feel better. . .

if you can't forgive me thats your problem not mine! so don't fucking base your assumptions on my life of wether i live at home or not.. don't assume i'm pampered because the colour of my skin..