Friday, December 13, 2013

days go by.

we are all dying yet we choose to ignore it. when you're young it's easy to forget time is precious life is precious this present conscious moment is precious. then suddenly you're old and dying and riddled with regrets of days gone by..  it's like a daily ritual of mine to forget i'm breathing and that life is a miracle. always always back to drifting through life like it's some pass time.

if i actually treated my life like it could end tomorrow i wouldn't be living like this. i wouldn't be so complacent thats for sure. i let so many things slip through my fingers and i hate myself for it. you know those moments when you feel it in your bones that something is supposed to happen or something is supposed to be said and then you just let it go and let the coward in your heart be in control. those moments you really regret not being the hero of your story… would that kind of shit even happen if that split second you were reminded our time is not infinite and opportunities pass…