Thursday, July 31, 2008

respect the OH GEEz.

one of the things about sneaker culture is a lot of kids don't even know what they have on their feet. and they don't even know why they're named what they're named. i'm lucky enough to have started out in skwatebwooording so i actually know some of this stuff. like the instant fact to respect certain names no matter what kind of shredding you were into be it vert boll or street. names like steve caballero, rodney mullen, christian hosoi.

do you even know what these are named after !!!?!

how about these!?!

sure maybe you know. but do you KNOW!!! it's watching stuff like this that makes me hate stupid honger sneaker kids EVEN more.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

interesting vallllllllyyy iiinterestingu

slept in today to no surprise i haven't had a day off in four weeks... after chillin with peeps i went to get soccer gear. apparently all soccer shops don't open sundays (who can blame them..) so instead i got bubble tea and wandered around aimlessly. went to sharpy's to check out gear and bikes. got the total d-bag routine from mountain bike dude.

-hi i'm looking for a 700c 10-speed wheel do you have anything?
-no... but i can order one in. and build it for you. how much did you wanna spend?
-oh not too much.
-you do know a good road wheel will cost in the hundreds... *sarcastically*
-yea i know..(wtf)
then i just walk away from mountain bike retard who just blew a sale.

then after that i hung out with alice the bubbly tea girl she gave me free gelato!!! shh don't tell anyone. talked about our mutual friends and jobs etc usual alice ryan stuff then i went on my way. i went to consign and home and picked up these.

if you haven't figured it out by now i like hendrix.

walked home passed by this

thing was just chillin there. must have been hit by a car or something cause it was hella gimped i went right up to it and it just flopped around. for a second my peta'ness kicked in and i thought about picking it up and rescuing it, but then i thought why mess with mother nature. there are enough of those noisy bastards flying around anyways.

blah blah blah went home ate sat around then picked up this!!!!
my new road bike. it's a pursuit frame so its got a sloped top tube.

Friday, July 25, 2008

and again...

3BanChovi from NZNZman on Vimeo.

update later stay tuned for crazy story

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

sigh the world hates me

man i feel like such a wimp. all this stuff happening and i just get depressed. first i find out my wheel lacing is messed cause i have the wrong spoke length. which means i have to spend another 64 dollars on a budget that is already way blown.
i can't do anything today cause my loser ass soccer team has to play another loser ass game which we will lose cause no one knows how to play soccer. then they blame me for it. and if i'm playing soccer i can't buy the parts i need, or chill with my friends who i told i could chill with. and can't go to my friends garage sale and can't apply at the place i want to. and now earl is pissed cause i dropped some truth and he don't wanna hear it. (earl if you're reading this i'm sorry i just thought you should know cause man i can name five other blogs doing that right off the top'a my head) i have no money and i need new soccer cleats i need more parts i need money!!!!! stupid july birthdays god damn it!!!!!!

i guess what i'm trying to say is . i want to just ride somewhere and forget all of this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

what are you doing reading this!

seriously do you know how nice the weather is out there!?! even if it's 2 am and you're reading this have you ever seen a nicer summer night?... see it's ignorant people that will move away the first chance they get that piss me off! it is absolutely necessary to get out and see this city in it’s top form. leave the map at home and go explore that shiii
Picture 2

ps i want one!
$150!!! no measly chicken scratch i'll have to save up my pennies.
con: can't sleep 3 am drank too much caffeinated ice tea.

pro: came up with a new name to add to my name calling arsenal 'douchebong'

doo[SH]-Bon'g or douchebong (adjective,noun, sometimes verb) incorperates two things i don't care for douches and bongs
but put together they become a great word
"you douchebong..." "that guys such a douchebong"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


i keep adding to the already pass due sleep deprivation debt! it's like everyday some un knowing dick keeps me up past my bed time! "hey ryan lets go ride bikes in the rain" bastards know i can't turn down a ride. "hey ryan i bought this new time machine wanna try it out?" bastards know i can't turn down flux capacitors. "hey ryan i got this new camera!" hey ryan hey ryan hey ryan hey ryan GADAMIT!!!!!!!!!!!! don't you people sleep!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU DO DURING THE DAY! i'm so sleepy but i can't sleep i have work all day. all week. sigh. i hope it's all worth it later.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


no one is posting anything. except for earl. and all he is posting is his sad filipino poetry.
i feel with the lack of motivation from others posting it makes me be lazy too.
well... i've had enough! time to break the cycle. lack of motivation is kinda the story of my life right now.
i'm not really doing anything besides pay bills work and ride my bike. my room messiness is of epic proportions.
i still haven't finished my college application, i need to find a new job london drugs sucks ughhhhh so lazy
it's bad to look at things as one big mess so i'm trying to tackle small problems one by one. baby steps .