Thursday, July 31, 2008

respect the OH GEEz.

one of the things about sneaker culture is a lot of kids don't even know what they have on their feet. and they don't even know why they're named what they're named. i'm lucky enough to have started out in skwatebwooording so i actually know some of this stuff. like the instant fact to respect certain names no matter what kind of shredding you were into be it vert boll or street. names like steve caballero, rodney mullen, christian hosoi.

do you even know what these are named after !!!?!

how about these!?!

sure maybe you know. but do you KNOW!!! it's watching stuff like this that makes me hate stupid honger sneaker kids EVEN more.

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Andehhh said...

Yeah too many people don't realize how big sneaker culture is!

Ordinary Joe: "'s just shoes?"

However, I'm not a sneaker head --- although a lot of people assume I am for some reason lol --- but I do respect those who are. I don't look at them like they're nuts when they start talking sneaker nerd lol...I actually envy their knowledge!

And saying "sneaker head" is really too much of a generalization too coz there are just toooo many kicks out there and sooo manny styles all sorts of people dig...

Anyways yeah learn yo craft or shut yo mouf!