Saturday, August 2, 2008

don't be stupid wear a helmet.

i keep stressing how important it is to wear a helmet. and it's stresses me out how little importance people put on this.
heres something that'll get your wallets out for the foam domes
girls head run over!

"A schoolgirl whose head was run over by a car miraculously walked away from the accident with only cuts and bruises.
Savannah Haworth was riding home after passing her cycling proficiency test when she lost her balance and fell into the path of a car.

The vehicle ran over her arm, shoulder and head but, amazingly, the 11-year-old escaped with just cuts and bruises."

stolen from zlog

may i remind you of the alternative.


but as long as you don't mind by all means go ahead.

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Flora said...

I always wear a helmet. Wish I could get a nicer-looking one though... it helps when you look cool wearing one.