Friday, August 29, 2008

ear piercing gong show

(by the way my temporary new favorite word is gong show.)

so tonight i tried to put my earring back in and lo and behold my piercing had closed up.
i thought meh i'll just put the needle through again easy peasy.
NOPE! most frustrating and painful 30 minutes of my life.
i did get the job done but not without some mental trauma and about three holes in my ear lobe..

i'm mad! hulk smash!
the aftermath.. the garbage can will puzzle both my parents as to how i could possibly be menstruating.
i covered the gore for sake of the readers
at one point blood was streaming from my ear and all i could say to myself in the mirror was "well this can't be a good thing."

props to anyone who has had to do this. i put it up there along side kick to the balls and punch to the face.

i'm still waiting for the go ahead from via so be patient! i do have a lil somethin somethin ready and i like it a lot it's a pretty obvious one to anyone who lives here though.


Flora said...

That is nasty! I dunno how you do it.

vuudoo said...

he MTFU'd

earl the pearl said...

yo man can you hook me up with a skateboard or even skateboards. i need a new deck or even new wheels . Pls bro? haha