Wednesday, August 27, 2008

free stuff .

so today after work i followed my regular routine: wash hands, get some food, then check my email and blog stuff. so as i was surfing through i spot this entry about free stuff!!
(anyone who knows my craigslisting tendencies knows how much of a sucker i am for free stuff. especially stuff too good to pass up.) i quickly post a comment and next thing i know i'm talking to bob k in person at his place. totally nice dude living up to the awesomeness. one thing though he was pretty hyped on getting rid of his stuff to the point of sketch lol. but still a good dude.

the drive over
my dads singing to weezer
and the pile crap i am the proud owner of! if you want something just ask i got a lot to go around :S

again here's the post

oh and i told him my plots to do hood wars posts for fun on here and he asked me to go ahead an do it on via.
so i guess i'm a vancouver is awesome writer woohoo!!! dreams do come true! lol

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Flora said...

ohhh congrats =) so when are we gonna see that list of awesome things about Burnaby?