Sunday, August 3, 2008


so lazy right now. for the past two days straight i haven't worked or done anything besides play video games and ride my bike. this is me enjoying summer: wake up eat cereal drink a v8 and play video games, then followed by an afternoon shower. shower is either followed by a bike ride and trick sesh or more video games. then a late'ish afternoon nap around 4:30 . wake up at 5 or 6 snack then either ride my bike or watch tv then dinner at 7. i can honestly say this is the life. alas lazy days cannot go on forever.
the real world beckons.

it's time to get the gears grinding and the wheel spinning. i have a lot of work in the upcoming week, 6 days in fact.
besides work i need to get a few chores done. so i'll try to get back to my true "note booking" form and write down all my to-do's.
and to keep me accountable here is a short list of things i need to get done soon:

- clean room (before chuudoo gets back!)
- finish application
- finish bike
- owe brian $15
- jono's summer camp $150
- find new job
- sell stuff on craig
- garage sale?
- recycle bike parts to ocb
- prepare fish tank for fish!
- save $200 a month for hoko trip
- finish my books then buy more books for winter.

[ an X indicates completion ]

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Andehhh said...

You know I swear it's the August air...everything slows down and becomes very dull around this time haha (good luck with ur stuff btw!)