Sunday, July 6, 2008


no one is posting anything. except for earl. and all he is posting is his sad filipino poetry.
i feel with the lack of motivation from others posting it makes me be lazy too.
well... i've had enough! time to break the cycle. lack of motivation is kinda the story of my life right now.
i'm not really doing anything besides pay bills work and ride my bike. my room messiness is of epic proportions.
i still haven't finished my college application, i need to find a new job london drugs sucks ughhhhh so lazy
it's bad to look at things as one big mess so i'm trying to tackle small problems one by one. baby steps .


vuudoo said...

its toooo chiillll.

i think when i get it, which should be super soon, my emails are finally being replied. i'll post in pictures.

Andehhh said...

This is funny and so true!

Coincidentally I just posted...

..not much of a post

but i posted!

adrian said...

I posted a picture lol
summer = laziness? hmm